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UK: Cameron has a women problem. Cameron gears up to say hello again to Mondeo Man. Labour MP Blasts Cameron’s Record on Women.

David Cameron has a women problem The Independent David Cameron has a big task this week – to win back the 50 per cent of the electorate who reckon he’s not on their wavelength. Poll after poll shows women are deserting the Tories, and when interviewed by Red magazine to coincide with his party conference, the PM managed to shoot himself in the foot.

When asked if he was a feminist, Dave “spent a long time staring out of the window” before waffling “um … I don’t know what I’d call myself …it’s up to others to attach labels, but I believe men and women should be treated equally”.

Feminism is not just about quotas, but about making sure women are not disadvantaged, and his track record – starting with the number of women in Cabinet – is pretty feeble.

PM David Cameron faces the challenge of producing attention-grabbing policies at this week’s Tory conference in Manchester (Reuters)

Labour MP Blasts Cameron’s Record on Women Labour shadow cabinet member Chris Bryant has branded David Cameron’s attitude to women “patronising” after it emerged that not a single woman is scheduled to speak at the 128 fringe meetings during next week’s Conservative Party conference.

Writing in the Independent, Bryant said that Cameron had done little to meet his pledge that half of the members of his government would be women by 2015. Currently, only five of the 32 MPs that attend Cabinet are women.

“Ninety-five years after women got the vote, the Tory Conference this year will see 128 fringe meetings at which not a single woman is due to speak. One of them on fair pay,” he writes.

David Cameron says Britain should not ban Islamic face veils Daily News & Analysis Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday Britain should not follow other … The issue of Muslim women wearing full veils has risen up the agenda after a …

Porn has changed – for the worse – even men have noticed Clarence Valley Daily Examiner PORN is under attack as never before. David Cameron says he will force internet providers to filter it out, while women’s groups and campaigners against child …

It’s time for a kinder Conservatism The Guardian Analysis of the annual British social attitudes survey broadly shows more Britons, especially younger people, are becoming economically and socially liberal. They believe in self-sufficiency and are more sceptical of government support for individuals, but are much more tolerant of homosexuality, immigrants and the role of men and women in raising families.

The Conservative party should champion and reflect these trends, become the party for economic and social liberals, not malcontents and the privileged.

As the general election fast approaches, the Tories will need to articulate their vision and offer to Britain. A liberal, optimistic Conservatism needs to triumph.

Jade Wright on Politicians wooing women voters Liverpool Echo Women have been the biggest losers from the last five years of austerity – in terms of income, jobs and public services the fairer sex have shouldered a disproportionately large share of the burden.

So it’s interesting that now, as the political parties gear up for the next election, they have started to focus on polices that will win back women voters.

Like a neglectful husband who only buys flowers when he’s done something wrong, the big three are falling over themselves to make it up to us.

Take labour’s pledges on childcare. Yes, the wraparound childcare for school-age children sounds great. It will mean that  mums (or dads, but in general it is mums who have to do the school run) will be able  work a full day without the constraint of 8am drop-offs and 3pm pick-ups.

Should David Cameron call himself a feminist? MetroIt seems like a very simple question and considering the amount of coverage there has been on the resurgence of feminism, the lads’ mag debate and the Say No To Page Three campaigns, he really should have seen it coming.

He gave the standard cop-out response: ‘Umm… I … don’t know what I’d call myself … it’s up to others to attach labels. But I believe that men and women should be treated equally.’

Maybe Cameron still has the outdated and ignorant view that feminism is all about po-faced man-haters and is scared of it? Maybe he is nervous about upsetting the more traditional members of his party?

Two women a week die at the hands of abusive partners in this country. I know this statistic gets used a lot, but that makes it no less real or appalling.

David Cameron gears up to say hello again to Mondeo Man In politics, every age has a structure. New Labour’s was binary, defined by a conflict between two generational giants, two mafia families and two irreconcilable …

Cameron’s patronising attitude towards women will cost him the …The Independent …But one simple fact tells you all you need to know about today’s Tory Party. Ninety five years after women got the vote, the Tory Conference this year will see 128 fringe meetings at which not a single woman is due to speak. One of them on fair pay. I can hear one of the few Tory women to make it into parliament, Therese Coffey or some such, decrying this as political correctness and trotting out the line about preferring to get there by merit, but do they really believe there isn’t one conservative-minded woman fit to sit on each Tory panel?

I’m not saying Labour is perfect. I turned equality terrorist this week, cancelling my attendance on one panel when no woman was invited and refusing to start another until a woman could either replace a man or be added.

Cameron stands up for family values as he announces £1000 tax … Daily Mail … tax break to recognise their ‘commitment and responsibility’, David Cameron reveals … Stay-at-home mothers and women who work part time will be the main …

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