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Female Breadwinners More Likely to Support Dems. Congress Wouldn’t Be Such A Mess If Women

Civil rights pioneer Evelyn Lowery dies at 88 Washington Observer Reporter ATLANTA (AP) – Evelyn Lowery, a pioneer in civil rights and women’s empowerment and the wife of the Rev. Joseph Lowery, died Thursday at her home in …

Women Donors Helped Fuel Obama Campaign KUOW News and Information President Obama was more dependent on female campaign contributors in 2012 than any presidential candidate in recent history.

According to a new report from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, female donors accounted for more than 44 percent of Obama’s campaign contributions — the most for any White House hopeful since at least 1988.

The GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, received just 28 percent of his campaign cash from women.

Female Breadwinners More Likely to Support Democratic Campaigns New York Magazine The thousands of women who watched Wendy Davis defend Texas abortion clinics and opened their wallets probably have something to do with the state senator’s fund-raising momentum and soon-to-be-announced entry into the state governor race. But nationwide the relationship between female representation and female campaign contributions is murkier. As women make record gains in Congress, they’ve barely budged on the gender gap in campaign donations, according to a recent study from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. In 1990, there were 31 women in Congress, and women made up 22 percent of campaign contributions over $200. Now there are 101 women on the Hill, and women still only account for 25 percent of donations.

Clinton dominates calls for female president MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — They have come from across the nation, three years before the next presidential contest, to host Hillary Rodham Clinton’s first unofficial New Hampshire pep rally.

Organizers said that Friday’s event was simply a panel discussion to promote the first female president — whoever that might be. But Clinton quickly dominated the discussion.

‘‘We’ve got the potential to elect, we hope, Hillary Clinton, who will be the most qualified person to run for president, probably almost ever,’’ former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said and later added, ‘‘She is in a league of her own.’’

Patty Murray: Congress Wouldn’t Be Such A Mess If Women Were In … Huffington Post WASHINGTON — If women ruled the country, the government wouldn’t be on the brink of shutting down or defaulting on its debt, according to Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

Murray spoke to a largely female audience on Wednesday, at an event that was part of The Atlantic’s Women of Washington series.

She decried Republican legislation that would shut down the government unless Obamacare is defunded. “The rational thing to do,” Murray said, “if there were a group of women in charge, is that we would keep the government running for the next several weeks, and we would say [on] the debt ceiling [that] we’re going to pay our bills, and now let’s do what we need to do, and sit down and solve our budget problems.

Utah given flunking grade in report on women’s well-being Salt Lake Tribune Politics — Utah is one of just five states that have no women in Congress or statewide office, and female members make up just 16.3 percent of the state …

A Lot Has Changed in Congress Since 1992, the ‘Year of the Woman The Atlantic The women elected to the United States Senate in 1992, from left: Patty Murray, Carol Moseley Braun, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Barbara Mikulski …

Women Leaders Look Beyond The ‘Glass Ceiling’ ABC News (blog) “There was no bathroom in the U.S. Senate for women in 1986,” she said. “We had MTV, but we didn’t have a bathroom for women. The good news is there was …

US creating prospects for Muslim women Columbus Dispatch Mounir Lynch, a junior at Columbus Alternative High School, said that, as a Muslim, issues surrounding women’s rights in the Islamic world are important to him.

Sex, Money and Power: New Report on Women as Donors and … Center for Responsive Politics The 2012 congressional elections saw a record number of women elected to both the House and Senate. And even though most of his large campaign …

Money In Politics Gender Gap: Men Make Majority Of Political … International Business Times When it comes to electoral power, more than half of voters are women. But among the donor class, women suffer from a significant gender gap.

What’s changed for women donors and candidates (and what hasn’t … Washington Post (blog) 2012 was a record election cycle for female candidates at the ballot box, as voters ushered the largest number of women ever into Congress (20 in the Senate …

Fewer women among top political contributors in 2012 than in 1990 PBS NewsHour And the election resulted in a record 98 women serving in the House andSenate. But where were women voters putting their money, politically speaking?

More women in Congress, but not many more donors USA TODAY A record number of women were elected to Congress in 2012, but there… One finding: In 1990, there were 31 women serving in Congress and 22% of the …

NJ’s 1st District Republicans focus on women’s issues Shore News Today Sen. Diane Allen talks about women’s equality legislation with Republican legislative candidates Sam Fiocchi, Kristine Gabor, and Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, …

Ken Cuccinelli is losing women voters badly. Why … Washington Post The Post’s Amy Gardner discusses Virginia Gubernatorial …


Guys don ladies footwear for fundraiser Toronto Sun … women and girls, and to promote gender equality and healthy relationships. … women and girls, and to promote gender equality and healthy relationships.

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  1. A Male Democrat Politician is a political operative who steals through taxes the money of hard working men in order to buy the votes of females who believe that that they are entitled to receive something for nothing based upon their sexuality.

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