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‘No action’ over Lord Rennard sexual touching claims. Cameron won’t label himself a feminist. The UK’s gender pay gap.

More women are in work – but what about the gender pay gap? The Independent A report by the Office of National Statistics this week showed that the proportion of women in work has increased dramatically since 1971. Men are only 9 per cent more likely than women to be in work now, compared to 39 per cent more likely in the ‘70s.

A success story, some might say? Well, yes – but the job is only halfway complete.

‘No action’ over Lord Rennard sexual touching claims BBC News There is “insufficient evidence” to prosecute former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard over allegations of sexual touching, the Metropolitan Police have said.

The peer had been accused by female activists of inappropriate behaviour between 2003 and 2007.

Lord Rennard, who denied the allegations, said he was “not surprised” he had not been charged.

But the Lib Dems are to resume their own disciplinary investigation.

Police drop Rennard probe ITV News A former special adviser to Nick Clegg has accused the police of failingwomen … Sadly, we face a situation where women are afraid to speak out – precisely …

David Cameron gives married couples tax cut – costing more than … David Cameron tonight sparked fury after lavishing £700million on a marriage tax break – enough to scrap the hated Bedroom Tax entirely.

The Prime Minister said four million couples will benefit from the new £1,000 tax allowance. Mr Cameron defended the tax break – insisting marriage was an important institution that needed protecting.

The new allowance – which was a Conservative manifesto pledge – will let people transfer £1,000 of their personal tax allowance to their husband, wife or civil partner. The scheme – which will start in April 2015 – will be worth up to £200 a year for couples, including 15,000 in civil partnerships.

David Cameron: He’ll leave all five of his ‘great team’ of top ministers … Daily Mail David Cameron has today revealed that his most senior ministers will not be moved in the Government reshuffle expected early next month.

In a highly unusual move Mr Cameron said George Osborne, William Hague, Theresa May, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith will all be singled out for praise when he makes his keynote speech to the Conservative Party conference next week.

Tory conference shock as David Cameron’s close ally arrested over … Preparations for the Tory ­conference were thrown into disarray last night by the news one of the party’s key figures has been arrested on allegations of rape. Crombie clothing tycoon Alan Lewis was being quizzed over claims he attacked a teenage student in the 60s.

Officers held the 75-year-old party vice chairman for business – one of David Cameron’s closest allies – hours before he was due to travel to Manchester for tomorrow’s ­conference.

His arrest sent shockwaves through Downing Street. A Tory source said: “We are in a state of shock over this.

David Cameron won’t label himself a feminist In an interview in which he revealed his children show their dislike for the amount of work he has to do by kicking the red boxes, the Prime Minister said it was …

So David Cameron is not a feminist. Well, knock me down with a … The Guardian I very much doubt that the journalist who interviewed David Cameron for Red magazine deployed tactics to rival Paxman and Humphrys. Not because, as some newspapers have suggested, Red is a women’s magazine and therefore not capable of serious political inquiry, but because Dave probably wouldn’t have agreed to the interview had he suspected he was in for a skewering (followed by a grilling, followed by a flaming). In any case, sausage-pie’s attempt to moderate what is rapidly becoming known as the Tories’ “problem with women” was scuppered when he was confronted with that most bothersome of questions: “Would you call yourself a feminist?”

His reaction was, all in all, just perfect. According to Red magazine, Cameron just stared out of the window for what was described as “rather a long time”, before lamely opting for the answer: “Umm… I … don’t know what I’d call myself … it’s up to others to attach labels. But I believe that men and women should be treated equally.” (massive cop-out klaxon).

Encouraging more women leaders This is North Devon …The committee aims to identify, encourage and support initiatives that enable the representation of women to become more balanced in senior levels of management and leadership. Kate was selected after submitting an application and undergoing a selection interview in London.

Kate brings to the committee her experience as a trainer, coach and business owner. Previously she worked in the Metropolitan Police, Wiltshire and Devon and Cornwall Constabularies and has designed and delivered leadership training courses for senior police leaders.


Standard for PM to take on women: Abbott Ninemsn Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended rolling women’s issues into his department, saying it’s “standard procedure” to have a minister assisting in the portfolio.

Standard for PM to take on women Sky News Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended rolling women’s issues into his department, saying it’s ‘standard procedure’ to have a minister assisting in the portfolio.

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