Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Is Miliband doing enough for women? Miliband On Page 3: ‘No Place In The Modern World’. Abbott’s cabinet: a case study of workplace diversity.

Part-time: Women tend to be happier with their work/life balance than their male counterparts.

Sixty per cent of women are happy with their work-life balance: Men … Daily Mail It is the modern juggling act – but managing motherhood alongside a career might not be as difficult as it sounds.

Most women, it seems, are perfectly happy with the way their professional and personal lives are balanced. Far from desperately battling their way each day between office and kitchen, more than six out of ten believe their work-life balance is just right. Men, however, are less content with the way the conflicting demands of their home life and jobs play out. But more than half still believe that the balance is broadly good. The findings were released by the Office for National Statistics in its latest assessment of national well-being.

Do British women really want to get into bed with Ed Miliband? (Subscription required) Add to that the “woman problem” David Cameron and Nick Clegg seem to be afflicted with. The Prime Minister is no nearer his pledge to ensure that women are …

Poll: Is Ed Miliband doing enough for women? The Guardian (blog) Labour plans to cap fuel bills grabbed the headlines, but Ed Miliband also used his speech at this week’s conference to warn that the battle for women’s equality is still not won. He said he would push to raise the proportion of female Labour MPs to 50% from the current 33%. Pledges to tackle low-pay and offer free long-term care for older people would also be welcomed by many female voters. But is he saying enough about the issues that matter to women?

Ed Miliband On Page 3: ‘No Place In The Modern World For Pictures …Huffington Post UK There is no place in the modern world for pictures of topless women in newspapers like The Sun, Ed Miliband sensationally said today. But the Labour leader said he will not ban Page 3 pin-ups if he becomes prime minister after the 2015 general election.

Miliband said he was ready to speak with Sun editor David Dinsmore about his objection to the pictures, saying he did not want his sons Daniel and Samuel to grow up in a society where women were portrayed as sex objects.

Abbott’s cabinet: a case study of workplace diversity On Line opinion Much has been made about the lack of female representation in the new Federal Cabinet. ‘Things that have more woman than Tony Abbott’s cabinet’ has …

Fix our conservative views on women Northern Iowan This afternoon, I logged on to Facebook and saw an article posted by a friend titled “6 Reasons to Not Send Your Daughter to College.” I went through a wide …

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Mitch McConnell battle for women’s votes Lexington Herald Leader In her quest to become the first female U.S. senator from Kentucky, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes on Tuesday launched in Lexington a series of statewide …

French senator lauds women’s equitable representation in parliament AngolaPress The Head of French delegation from France’s Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group -Southern Africa, Senator Antoine Lefévre, praised on Wednesday in Luanda …

Libya mulls gender-equality legislation Libya is preparing legislation on gender equality and the prevention of violence against women, Libya Herald quoted Justice Minister Salah Bashir Al-Marghani …

Massive gender gap exists online, UN says Fox News “This new report provides an overview of opportunities for advancing women’s empowerment, gender equality and inclusion in an era of rapid technological …

Peru is committed to closing gender inequality gaps, says first lady Andina – Agencia Peruana de Noticias Peru’s First Lady Nadine Heredia speaks during the 3rd Meeting of the Equal Futures Partnership in New York. Photo. ANDINA/Presidencia …

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