Gender and Politics in the media

IMF: Nations must report better female labour data. Underestimated, Merkel worked her way to the top. Rape video calls out victim-blaming.

Japanese ‘Aunties’ Party Presses for Gender Parity Reuters AlertNet TOKYO, Japan (WOMENSENEWS)–Japanese politics is still an Old Boy’s club, according to Kuniko Tanioka.

She should know.

Tanioka has been a member of the country’s Diet, or national legislature since 2007, in addition to being president of Japan’s Shigakkan University at Obu City in Aichi prefecture.

“If you visit the Diet and you are a newcomer, you will have a hard time finding a women’s washroom, “she said in a recent interview in Tokyo. “That’s because the building was built when women didn’t even have the vote and there were no women in the building. Women’s facilities were slowly introduced as women were starting to be incorporated in this ‘village,’ though men didn’t like the idea of female Diet members. They wanted to hold on to their positions and prestige.”

Merkel’s Conservatives Biggest Winner in German Election Women of China German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), emerged as the biggest winner in Sunday’s federal election, official provisional results showed early Monday.

The pair garnered 41.5 percent of the vote, while the largest opposition party, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), took 25.7 percent, according to the results.

The Green party, the SPD’s favored ally, captured 8.4 percent, and the Left Party got 8.6 percent, showed the provisional results.

A new wax figure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, is presented… (Markus Schreiber/Associated…)

Underestimated at first, Angela Merkel worked her way to the top of …
Washington Post
BERLIN — It’s been called the Merkel mystery: How did a pastor’s daughter who once marched in the uniform of East Germany’s communist youth end up leading a conservative, male-dominated party from West Germany to become the country’s first female chancellor?

With Angela Merkel favored to win Sunday’s national elections, observers at home and abroad are once again puzzling over the reasons for her success. Is it her doctorate in natural sciences that gives her an edge when it comes to solving problems? Or does the experience of watching the state in which she grew up collapse mean she takes nothing for granted?

Nations must report better female labour data Christine Lagarde said the International Monetary Fund will push countries to publish more data on female participation in the labour market in an effort to draw attention to policies that could boost growth from Italy to Egypt.

The IMF managing director said that getting more women to join the labour force is a topic she raises in every meeting with government officials.

Some countries do not provide statistics on the number of women accessing the labour market or working part time and the fund can use its yearly appraisal of countries’ economies to weigh in, she said.

“We will actually encourage countries to report on gender issues,” Lagarde said, but added that the fund cannot make it compulsory.

IMF warns of slow progress achieving gender equality Reuters Under its first female chief, Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund has renewed its push to strengthen the role of women in the economy, arguing it can raise growth prospects and improve development.

Just having as many women in the labor force as men could boost economic growth by 5 percent in the United States, 9 percent in Japan, and 34 percent in Egypt, the IMF said.

In its study, the Fund said women have made gains in certain countries but still face discrimination and tax and labor policies that discourage them from working. Around the world, half of women participate in the labor force, but that number falls to just a fifth in places like the Middle East and North Africa.

Gender equality and how Islam sees it DhakaTribune One particular issue that Bangladesh has looked pretty concerned about in the past few years is that of “gender equality.” Women and men are supposed to be equal to men in terms of “rights.”

According to feminists, women must be entitled to play any role in society that a man is able to play. A man is not to be differentiated from a woman in terms of ability and potential. Moreover, the duties which are traditionally thought to be assumed only by women are to be shared by men as well.

Laws that discriminate against women Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Under Philippine law, a woman may be accused of adultery or having sexual relations with a man that is not her husband. Adultery may be substantiated with the presentation of circumstantial evidence. However, under the same law, a man may only be accused of concubinage.

The difference? There are three and they are not limited to what happens in between the sheets.

Concubinage requires evidence to prove that a man is having sex with a woman who is not his wife under scandalous circumstances, that he is keeping the woman [with whom he is carrying on sexual relationship with] in the conjugal home or that he is cohabiting with her in another dwelling.

Concubinage requires proof while adultery may be premised on circumstance.

Don Macpherson: A ‘gender gap’ over the Charter of Quebec Values Montreal Gazette MONTREAL – There’s a paradox emerging in the breakdown of support for the Marois government’s proposed Charter of Quebec Values.

The charter was proposed by the first Quebec government headed by a woman. And one of its ostensible purposes is to strengthen protection for the equality of women with men.

This is a “sacred” value, the government says in its advertising for the charter, including in the brochure delivered by mail to Quebec households last week.

Rape video calls out India’s culture of victim-blaming Salt Lake Tribune

New Delhi – Even after the fatal gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi in December triggered an uproar, conservative politicians, police and even judges continued to suggest publicly that somehow women in India are asking for it — by dressing provocatively, staying out late at night and daring to have male friends.

Following the high-profile gang-rape of a Mumbai, India, photojournalist last month, for example, the police commissioner came under fire for questioning whether couples should be allowed to kiss in public.

Unchecking the ‘Women’s Issues’ Box PolicyMic As a security sector reform expert who splits her time between educating the next generation and advocating for more women in global peace and security processes, I see a disconnect between the language of past generations and the need to advance a more meaningful discussion about inclusion. My students and peers don’t want to talk about women’s issues, they want to talk about gender mainstreaming and women’s role in the national security architecture. The women I work with overseas don’t see women’s issues, they see constitutional reform, security sector reform, food security, and health care.

Constitution should outline women’s rights Daily News WOMEN are encouraged to speak out on gender-based issues that they want to be included in the new constitution, that will provide equal footing for both men …

With Elections Over, It’s Time to Walk the Talk In Rwanda, the September 16 parliamentary elections saw the country cement its place as the only country with a female dominated parliament in the world, …

Saudi women call new day of defiance against driving ban FRANCE 24 Saudi women activists have called for a new day of defiance next month of the long-standing ban on women driving in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Saudi Arabia: Has tide turned on women’s rights? Has the tide turned on the Saudi government’s stand on the issue of women driving? As the only country in the world I know of that denies women the right to …

Early marriage retards girl-child’s self actualisation – Sen. Esuene Nigerian Bulletin Sen. Helen Esuene, Chairman, Senate Committee on Women Affairs and Youth Matters, says early marriage is a major setback to self actualisation of the …

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