Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Stella Creasy told: tackling women’s issues will be ‘career suicide’. UK Veil Ban: Muslim Women Don’t Need Britain’s “Protection”.

Creasy said she was disappointed that the Conservatives failed to work with Labour on compulsory sex and relationship education in schools. Photograph: David Levene

Stella Creasy told: tackling women’s issues will be ‘career suicide’ The Guardian Labour MP Stella Creasy was told it would be “career suicude” to work on women’s issues.

The MP for Walthamstow told a Guardian fringe event that she had been discouraged from focusing on women’s issues when she became a member of parliament, being told it would damage her career progression. “I found that really frightening,” she explained, adding that many female MPs pay lip service to women’s issues but fail to back legislation when it comes before the house.

“I call this government plastic feminists because as soon as a difficult issue comes up, they melt. Women on the left are steel feminists, steel was formed in heat, so we don’t melt.”

Ed Miliband to promote female MPs in reshuffle The Sun Subscription LABOUR leader Ed Miliband is set to promote a host of female MPs in a dramatic frontbench shake-up. Rising stars Stella Creasy, Luciana Berger and Liz Kendall are all set for promotion as the…

UK Veil Ban: Muslim Women Don’t Need Britain’s “Protection” PolicyMic The political class in Britain has once again floated the niqab, a veil worn by Muslim women, as an issue that is “a good topic for national debate.” These were the words of Conservative MP Jeremy Browne, a Home Office minister in the current government. Members of the British Parliament have spoken on the issue in the past few days, after a judge allowed a Muslim woman to veil herself in court but not while giving evidence to the jury.

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