Gender and Politics in the media

Lib Dem all-women shortlist considered post-2015. Could gender equality liberate ‘the trapped male’?

Women versus men: who is more co-operatively inclined? The Guardian The study conducted by Peter J Kuhn and Marie-Claire Villeval found that women are significantly more likely than men to select team-based compensation, voluntarily-formed female teams outperform self-selected male teams and women respond better to team environments than men do.

Kuhn said: “Based on our results, we’d expect women to be more attracted to [working in] co-operatives than men.”

Lib Dem all-women shortlist considered post-2015 BBC News The Lib Dems could introduce positive discrimination to redress the party’s gender and ethnic imbalance, one of its cabinet ministers has said.

Seven of the the Lib Dems’ 57 MPs are women – numerically and proportionally the fewest of the three major Westminster parties. All of the party’s MPs are white.

Environment Secretary Ed Davey told the Guardian newspaper his party’s record was “not good enough” and the lack of progress “deeply frustrating”. He was speaking at the end of the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow.

Banning the veil from British town halls would divide councils and …The Guardian It was a symbolic gesture in its own right. Comments emerging from Number 10 this week, suggested the prime minister would support local authorities which chose to ban staff from covering their faces, were met with a veil of silence.

No wonder, for in taking this position the government has again confirmed (as if confirmation were ever needed) how little it understands the business of local government.

It is to be welcomed that council leaders have chosen to make no response to this divisive policy manoeuvre – sometimes a dignified silence is the best way to expose the limitations of others’ thinking – but it is important to explain just how antithetical it would be.

If Tony Abbott can be Oz’s ‘women’s minister’, surely Dave can take … As Australia’s Prime Minister, good old Tony Abbott, elects himself the country’s ‘women’s minister’, Louisa Peacock argues it’s not actually as ridiculous as it sounds. Our own Women’s Minister, Maria Miller, does very little for women – so why not elevate the role to the very top of government?

Could gender equality liberate ‘the trapped male’? Financial Times (Subscription) It is too easily forgotten amid the calls for female equality that the gender debate is not necessarily just about women. A righting of workplace opportunities could …

Poor Dave and Nick. One can’t attract women, the other can’t please … The Guardian (Satire) David Cameron might be losing his appeal, but at least he’s not Nick Clegg having to convince the Lib Dems they’ve got loads to feel confident about

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