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UK: Female MP’s ‘ban the veil’ call sparks row. Female Vote The Key To Success In 2015 Election 5 reasons why women don’t like Cameron.

Five reasons why women (and especially mothers) don’t like David … Mr Cameron has overseen a dramatic collapse in the traditionally strong support for the Conservatives among women, according to The Women Problem, a new piece of research commissioned by Mumsnet.

Women also ranked the Prime Minister as the most “out of touch” of the three party leaders. I can’t imagine why. Oh, actually, I can. Here are my five main reasons:

1. “Calm down dear”, he famously told Labour MP Angela Eagle during a debate in the Commons. All passionate women who speak their mind will have heard something similar, from a patronising male, who thinks that only men should be outspoken and angry women are always hysterical. It makes us yawn, and sigh, and roll our eyes, and seethe..

Women voters desert Conservatives after child benefit and childcare … David Cameron has overseen a dramatic collapse in the traditionally strong support for the Conservatives among women, according to research by Mori for the influential website Mumsnet.

The Tories are currently trailing Labour among female voters by 13 points, three times the average lead among men – with the opposition securing 42 per cent support in recent polls. Among women under 35 the Conservatives are behind by as much as 25 points.

But Labour’s dominant position among female voters, spans all age groups, social classes and professional backgrounds with even women in the highest income bracket more likely to vote for Ed Miliband’s party. It comes in stark contrast with the 2010 vote which brought the Coalition to power.

Ladies ARE for turning as Mumsnet poll reveals collapse in female … Women are turning their backs on David Cameron’s posh Tory Party, a poll shows today. The Conservatives now trail way behind Labour among female voters, who said they preferred the PM’s party in surveys before the 2010 election.

Today’s poll found 42% of women now back Labour, compared with just 29% for the Tories and 11% for their Lib Dem Coalition partners. Among women aged 18-34 Labour are 25 points ahead. And 46% of female voters say Cameron is the most out-of-touch, compared with 13% for Labour leader Ed ­Miliband and 9% for Lib Dem Nick Clegg.

Female Vote The Key To Success In 2015 Election Sky News The Women Problem – a report by Mumsnet and Ipsos Mori – makes difficult reading for all three political leaders. If they were hoping for a thumping endorsement then they can think again.

And that matters to all three main parties – the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour. Why? Because they know that winning the battle for the female vote could be the key to success in the 2015 General Election.

Today’s study combines Ipsos MORI polling, a breakdown of voting intentions and attitudes by gender, with the results of five in-depth focus groups with around 100 Mumsnetters.

Can Nick Clegg make the Liberal Democrats safe for women? Lord Rennard is the Banquo’s ghost of the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow. Activists spent half an hour discussing calls to treat each other “with …

Female MP’s ‘ban the veil’ call sparks row This is Cornwall A Conservative MP has sparked a Twitter backlash after she said Islamic veils should be banned in all schools – suggesting they were “deeply offensive”.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes in Devon, said the niqab was “making women invisible” in her online comments. She wrote on Twitter: “The niqab should be banned within schools & colleges; how on earth do they promote equality when they collude with making women invisible?”

Moments later, the MP for Totnes posted another message saying: “A general ban on the niqab simply won’t happen in the UK but that doesn’t mean that it should be endorsed by schools or courts.”

Jeremy Browne: Ban Muslim women from wearing veils in schools … Jeremy Browne, a Liberal Democrat, said there needs to be a national debate about whether the state should step in to protect young women from having the veil “imposed” on them. Mr Browne said he is “instinctively uneasy” about banning behaviour, but suggested the measure may still be necessary to ensure freedom of choice for girls in Muslim communities.

The Home Office minister is the first senior Liberal Democrat to raise such deep concerns about Islamic dress in public places. A growing number of Conservative MPs also want the Government to consider a ban.

Nick Clegg says full face veils are inappropriate in classrooms and … Birmingham Mail It is not “appropriate” for students to wear a full veil in the classroom or for people to go through airport security with their faces covered, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said. His comments came following a a row caused by the decision of Birmingham Metropolitan College to drop its ban on the wearing of full-face veils amid public protests. But Mr Clegg said he did not want to see a state ban on the wearing of religious items of clothing in particular circumstances.

‘Feminism’ can’t force Muslim women to ditch the veil I firmly believe in the idea that feminism should not be about collectivised standardisation but rather freedom of individual expression. Women shouldn’t feel cowed by the tyranny of a perceived majority into letting other women dictate how they should set their own standards.

So I find myself scratching my head at how Sarah Wollaston as a woman and as a Conservative (whether that is both small and big ‘c’ I am no longer certain) can back banning the niqab on the basis of presuming to know better than the women in question wearing it. So many, and more frequently the younger and more vocal among them, insist that far from familial pressure it is their personal choice being exercised. Who are we -much less the state- to question this and assume that they don’t actually know what they’re saying or what’s best for them?

Comment: ‘A woman’s place is in the Scottish Parliament ‘ Scotsman We’re half way there. Yesterday, Scottish Labour chose a strong woman to fight the Dunfermline by-election.

It may have taken some comrades longer than others to come to the conclusion that a “woman’s place is in the Scottish Parliament”, but by selecting Cara Hilton, the Labour Party has made the right decision.

Let’s hope that, whatever the result, Cara’s candidacy will encourage other women in the Labour Party to put themselves forward for election, whether in Holyrood, Westminster, or their council chamber. And that the Labour Party – led, of course, by a strong woman – will build on this decision to do all it can to promote gender equality in future contests.

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