Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Women voters reject Cameron as too posh. Can Labour’s women save Ed Miliband? EPOP 2013 Gender Session.

Women voters reject Cameron as too posh
 The Sunday Times 
DAVID CAMERON is facing a crisis over the female vote with women deserting him in droves because they see him as “out of touch”, elitist and too posh, according to research by Mumsnet, the website for parents.

The study by an organisation seen as a touchstone for women’s political views shows Cameron’s five-point lead over Labour among women voters at the last election has turned into a 13-point deficit.

It is three times the gap among male voters and the worst female polling of his premiership. The poll by Ipsos Mori, included in the Mumsnet research, finds 42% of women would back Labour, compared with 29% who would vote Conservative.

EPOP 2013 Gender session: ‘Contextual Determinants of the Latin American Gender Gap in Political knowledge’ PDF HERE Marta Fraile (CSIC) and Raul Gómez (Derby)

Gender abortion decision ‘unconstitutional’ say MPs The MPs, drawn from across the party divide and from several parts of the country, warn that the decision not to prosecute doctors for agreeing to arrange terminations purely because the unborn baby is a girl effectively changes the law without proper authority.

Significantly, the group includes politicians on opposing sides of the abortion debate, in a rare show of unity over one of the most divisive ethical issues of modern times.

Can Labour’s women save Ed Miliband? Telegraph  Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper are strong Labour MPs but they both have baggage. In an open letter to Ed Miliband, Cathy Newman advises the beleaguered leader of the Opposition to look to the next generation of female MPs for some inspiration.

Dear Ed,

I’ve already written a letter to the Prime Minister about his reshuffle plans so it only seems fair to pen one to you too.

I’m sure your heart sinks about the prospect of yet more “words of wisdom”. After all, your own colleagues and grey beards (yes I know John Prescott is neither grey nor bearded but you know what I mean) seem to delight in inundating you with advice.

A strong female contingent Western Star PORT AU PORT WEST  Seven of the eight names on the ballot in Port au Port West-Aguathuna-Felix Cove election are women, and the town could possibly end up with an all-women council — again.

While it may sound like an anomaly to have an all-female council, it would be a repeat in Port au Port West-Aguathuna-Felix Cove. In 2005, it was Mayor Phyllis Doucette, Deputy Mayor Wanda Martin, and councillors Christa Abbott and Michelle Felix-Morgan. It was only when one of the council members resigned that the community elected a man in a byelection. According to records kept by Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, there is an increase in the number of women getting into municipal politics. During the 2009 municipal elections, 38 per cent of towns in the province had more women on council than in previous years.

Towards more gender balance on company boards Malta Independent Online The European Parliament is currently discussing a Commission proposal aimed at improving gender balance on the boards of publicly listed companies. With a ratio of one woman in every 20 top management positions in Malta, the subject of gender balance is particularly relevant. All too often the debate on gender balance is limited to quotas. The public dialogue was intended to serve as a means of examining the challenges and possible solutions beyond the issue of quotas.

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