Gender and Politics in the media

US: Why the GOP Should Worry About the Shutdown Gender Gap. My Brand Of Feminism Doesn’t Require Me To Do Very Much But…

Where the gender gap is most pronounced Washington Post (blog) Men and women vote differently. This isn’t breaking news. But in some states, the gender gap — the difference between Democratic and Republican …

Vice President Joe Biden blasts ‘Neanderthal’ House GOP over … New York Daily News When Biden was a Democratic senator from Delaware, he drafted the Violence Against Women Act. Congress passed the bill in 1994. Twenty of the 100 Senate …

My Brand Of Feminism Doesn’t Require Me To Do Very Much xoJane But I’m going to do something about that. I’m usually aware of issues that impact women beyond my immediate environment, but thus far that knowledge hadn’t provoked me to do anything effective in 

Why the GOP Should Worry About the Shutdown Gender Gap Secular Woman  …The Mike Lees and Ted Cruzs of the Republican world are not speaking for all Republicans.  They are Republican men speaking to other Republican men and ignoring the views of, what this survey suggests, is the view of the vast majority of Republican women.

After the 2012 election, an election characterized by the phrase ‘war on women’ and the meme ‘binders full of women’, the Republican National Committee published the results of a deep introspection – some called it an autopsy – of their 2012 election cycle.  In their ‘Women’ section, they wrote, ‘…when developing our Party’s message, women need to be part of this process to represent some of the unique concerns that female voters may have’ (RNC, 2013:19).

If we compare the political strategies offered by radical Republican members of Congress to these polling, the results the obvious conclusion is that the GOP hasn’t yet begun to listen to the women who voted for them, let alone women who do not identify as Republican.

Christine Quinn’s loss in New York: Gender politics? (+video) Christian Science Monitor Christine Quinn’s slide from presumed frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York to distant third place finisher has prompted a fresh round …

Women’s initiative seeks policy gains Politico “Our goal is to change the conversation about issues affecting women and families, as well as policy,” she said in an interview. “Our goal over the long term is to …

Harvard Business: Legislating Gender Equity? LinkedIn Today The recent New York Times front-page profile of Harvard Business School’s attempts to root outgender inequities was, to say the least, controversial. As the …

The flipside of feminism gevaar Thought Leader I recently stumbled upon a video clip about the book The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say (2011) written by two American women, Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker. The fact that they are white, privileged and conservative is important. If there was any furore about the book I missed it, but my recent discovery of their clip made me wonder about what it means for feminism when women are also the enemy to feminism. But more importantly, why is it that the face of feminism is characterised by anger and reactionary responses to “patriarchy”?

Why send a woman to Washington when you can get a man? OUPblog (blog) The first woman elected to both houses of Congress and the first woman to reach the Senate without previously having been appointed to an unexpired term, …

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