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US: Women, The Workplace, And ‘Second Generation’ Gender Bias. Gun-Grabbers Go Full Femme-a-Gogue in CO. In NH a National Model for Equal Gender.

All In agenda: Mitch McConnell, champion of women’s rights? MSNBC Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell claims that he fights for women’s issues. McConnell’s campaign released a statement last week at a “Women for Team Mitch” event touting the senator’s support for the Violence Against Women Act. “Mitch was the co-sponsor of the original Violence Against Women Act–and continues to advocate for stronger policies to protect women,” the press release claims. McConnell did sponsor the act in 1991, but the only problem is, he hasn’t supported any of the subsequent versions. In fact, he voted against VAWA in 1994, 2012 and 2013.

AP Photo/Wix Lounge, Galo Delgado

Women, The Workplace, And ‘Second Generation’ Gender Bias WBUR American women have come on strong all over the place.  But at the tip-top of the corporate workplace world, the Fortune 500, it’s still just 4.2 percent female CEOs.  And that under-representation at the top gets echoed all over the workplace world.

Why is that?  The answer is complicated.  But one piece of it is now being called “second generation” gender bias.  Subtle and not-so-subtle dynamics at work that push women away from the corner office.  How’s it work?  We’ll ask. This hour, On Point:  second generation gender bias and women in the American work-place.

Paper shows Poli Sci gender gap The Daily Tar Heel …Evidence presented at the conference suggested that women who enter academic fields in political science struggle to advance from assistant professors to associate professors. Researchers found that 71.4 percent of faculty in politcal science in 2010 were men.

Evelyne Huber, the chairwoman of UNC’s political science department, said she has experienced past discrimination in the workplace because of her gender. “When I came to one department at a different university, it took some male professors about two years to recognize me as a professor,” she said.

Huber said advancing in political science is hard, as women tend not to be as good at self-promotion as their male counterparts. Political science graduate student Sarah Bauerle said men are cited in research papers more often than women, which she says is a key component of the gender divide in academia….

Sen. Collins says President made a mistake WCSH-TV Senator Susan Collins says President Obama made a mistake by drawing a line in the sand against the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons.

Sen. Susan Collins greeted attendees at the leading women’s luncheon in Waterville Tuesday morning. Immediately following her speech she headed to Washington for briefings on Syria. She says the President never should have made the threat because now our country’s reputation is at stake…

Multi-Member Districts in NH a National Model for Equal Gender … IVN News New Hampshire proves to be one of the more innovative states in its electoral process.

In its House of Representatives, districts are allotted a number of representatives to serve based on their population. Some districts have only one representative, but others have as many as eleven. They are elected through a process of multi-member district voting, where the citizenry casts as many votes as there are seats to be filled instead of voting for each seat separately and having different elections for each seat available.

What many studies have shown is that in these multi-member districts, more women get elected. Political scientists believe that in these districts, parties feel pressure to run an equal number of women to men in a slate of candidates, and that voters tend to vote for candidates of both genders if they are given the opportunity.

GOP Strategist Calls Alison Lundergan Grimes ‘An Empty Dress’ Huffington Post A month after Kentucky Democratic senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimespulled slightly ahead of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) in the polls, Republican strategists seem to be sharpening their claws.

Brad Dayspring, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, called Grimes “an empty dress” in an interview with The Hill published Wednesday. The insults continued from there.

“Alison Lundergan Grimes seems incapable of articulating her own thoughts, and faced with questions, either directly parrots the talking points handed to her by [Sen.] Chuck Schumer or she babbles incoherently and stares blankly into the camera as though she’s a freshman in high school struggling to remember the CliffsNotes after forgetting to read her homework assignment,” Dayspring told The Hill.

Anesa Kajtazovic. (courtesy photo)

‘Bonanza’ of women running in 1st District Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — One of the sub-plots in the race for the Democratic nomination in Iowa’s 1st District is that three of the five candidates are women. That has special significance because Iowa is one of six states never to send a woman to the U.S. House.

The fact there are three women — former lawmaker and Iowa Utilities Board member Swati Dandekar of Marion, Rep. Anesa Kajtazovic of Waterloo and Cedar Rapids City Councilwoman and business owner Monica Vernon — in the race does not guarantee the nominee will be a woman.

“But it increases the chances,” said Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University. She expects many 1st District voters — male and female — will be energized by the prospect of electing a woman to Congress.

Gun-Grabbers Go Full Femme-a-Gogue in Colorado FrontPage Magazine COLORADO SPRINGS — Out: The boy who cried wolf. In: The girl who cried birth control. Desperate Democrats are imposing false-alarm feminist politics on a high-stakes recall election in Colorado this month. It’s a golden opportunity for independent-minded women to reject empty femme-a-goguery and tear up the Sandra Fluke card.

…The gun-grabbing femme-a-gogues think they can do what they did to Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck in 2010: hammer the GOP into submission and defeat over their phony “reproductive rights” agenda. Enough. “Our bodies, our choice” does not just apply to abortion and birth control. It applies to every woman’s right to defend herself as she sees fit.

21 States Ban Abortion Coverage in Response to Obamacare Opposing Views According to Elizabeth Nash, state issues manager at Guttmacher Institute, a women’s sexual health group, “As soon as the ink was dry on the ACA, states …

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