Gender and Politics in the media

US: 9 Women Remaking the Right. Conservative Christian Women’s Group Updates View of Motherhood.

In Iowa, it’s still the king of the House Muscatine Journal CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — One of the sub-plots in the race for the Democratic nomination in Iowa’s 1st District is that three of the five candidates are women. That has special significance because Iowa is one of six states never to send a woman to the U.S. House.

The fact there are three women — former lawmaker and Iowa Utilities Board member Swati Dandekar of Marion, Rep. Anesa Kajtazovic of Waterloo and City Rapids City Councilwoman and business owner Monica Vernon – in the race does not guarantee the nominee will be a woman.

The Biggest ‘Women’s Issues’ Remain Jobs and the Economy U.S. News & World Report (blog) Women across the country find themselves squeezed economically as things like groceries and tuition get more expensive yet wages stay about the same. In addition, an increasing number of women are the primary or sole provider in households with children, even further raising the economic pressure. Add to that the increasing number of middle-aged women who find themselves “sandwiched” between supporting their grown children and their own retired parents and it’s no surprise that fears about jobs and the cost of living are front and center in the minds of most American middle-class women.

Women cast the majority of ballots in this country, but are often treated as a niche voter group. Political pundits talk about “women’s issues” in elections and assume that hot-button controversies – abortion, for example – are more relevant to female voters’ votes and lives than the actual day-to-day work of raising families and making ends meet.

What these pundits miss is the disconnect women feel between Washington and their everyday lives.

9 Women Remaking the Right Daily Beast While the Republican National Committee brass writes autopsies for the party’s 2012 losses and GOP lawmakers in Congress fight with each other over who’s a true conservative and who’s a wacko bird, a new generation of Republican women is breathing new life into the Grand Old Party. Here, nine GOP women with the potential to revitalize the right. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell shows softer side as he … The Tribune LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Mitch McConnell revealed a more personal side Friday that at least momentarily softened his reputation as a hardnosed legislator and campaigner, recounting his childhood bout with polio and his mother’s devotion in caring for him as the five-term Republican tried to appeal to women voters in Kentucky.

The Senate minority leader talked about the women who influenced his life at the launch of a campaign push aimed at getting the woman’s vote. McConnell is preparing for a potential race next year against Democratic Senate front-runner Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is Kentucky’s secretary of state.

McConnell: Opponent trying to ‘divide people with gender-based … The Hill (blog) Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) charged on Friday that Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, his likely opponent in 2014, is trying to “divide people with gender-based attacks.”

“What you are going to see by my opponent obviously is the Barack Obama playbook to try to divide people with gender-based attacks. We have seen that all too often and some of it has started already,” McConnell said, according to local news site Channel 2. “But look, this campaign is about what kind of America do we want to have and what kind of Kentucky do we want to have.”

Buono lays out policies to benefit women Enquirerherald Sen. Barbara Buono announced policies to benefit women on Tuesday, before … Buono is the first woman majority leader in the state Senate and the first …

Make Rights of Women a Top Diplomatic Priority New York Times Re “A Question of How Women’s Issues Will Fare, in Washington and Overseas” (news article, Aug. 23): As an organization dedicated to protecting the rights …

Conservative Christian Women’s Group Updates View of Motherhood Voice of America 

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