Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Lib Dem councils worst for getting women into top town hall positions, claims Labour. Schoolgirl: I want Cameron to listen to my generation.

Schoolgirl Yas Necati: I want David Cameron to listen to my generation Yas Necati, 17, explains why Prime Minister David Cameron urgently needs to bring sex and relationship education into the 21st century.

Half-baked Changes to Maths and English Show David Cameron Is … Huffington Post UK Now, a year later, the Government says it will proceed with its half-baked changes that will see only some pupils – those failing to reach grade C at GCSE in Maths and English – continue to study these subjects past 16.

David Cameron has wasted a whole year since Labour’s announcement and the Government is only halfway there. With around one million 16- 24 year olds not in education, employment or training, delays like this show just how out of touch David Cameron is with employers and the labour market challenges facing young people.

Of course it is right that those who fail to reach the expected level should continue. But this does not go far enough. Research published by The Sutton Trust shows that in high performing jurisdictions, continued Maths for all during the upper phase of secondary education is one of the hallmarks of success.

In this country, only a quarter of young people in education between 16-18 continue studying maths, a contrast to 95% in Hong Kong and 90% in Germany; some of the best performing education systems.

Liberal Democrat councils are worst for getting women into top town hall positions, claims Labour … The Independent Liberal Democrat councils are the worst for getting women into senior town hall jobs, Labour claimed today.

Party researchers surveyed 205 councils, and found that those under Liberal Democrat control had only 36 per cent of their senior roles filled by women. The equivalent figures for Conservative-run councils were 37 per cent and for Labour 47 per cent.

But the figures suggest that it is easier for a woman to rise to the top in local government than in big business or Whitehall. The boards of the FTSE 100 companies are on average 88 per cent male, and women make up only 37 per cent of the top layer of the civil service.

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