Gender and Politics in the media

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair: Because Gender Equality Works Both Ways. Laws to empower women not enough, need to stop attacks.

Sue Kedgley: Leaders need to look at gender equality New Zealand Herald The 16 all-male leaders will meet for three days in the Marshall Islands, and discuss important issues such as climate change and Fiji’s progress towards democratic elections next year. But let’s hope they will also find time to discuss gender equality in the Pacific, and why it is that women in the Pacific are worse off, in many respects, than most other women in the world. Women hold only 5 per cent of the seats in national Parliaments in the Pacific – fewer than any other region in the world, including the Middle East. And there are no women in the Parliaments of some countries such as the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu.

Gender pay gap widens even in sectors boasting female majority Sydney Morning Herald The pay gap in favour of men has widened in two of Australia’s most female-dominated industries. The health care and social assistance sector has the biggest gender pay gap in the country even though women outnumber men by four to one. Full-time men in that sector are paid 32.3 per cent more on average than full-time women, up 1 percentage point in the past year. Two other sectors – finance and insurance and professional, scientific and technical services – also have an average pay gap in favour of men of more than 30 per cent.

In retail trade, where 56 per cent of the workers are women, the gender pay gap widened by 3.4 per cent in the past year, second to construction where the average gender pay discrepancy increased by 4.9 per cent.

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair: Because Gender Equality Works Both Ways Huffington Post UK In the interest of gender equality, a handful of long-haired guys put themselves at the mercy of a hair stylist. Their aim? To get ‘lady hair’. Because why should us women get all the (hair-related) fun?

“I’m not sure how ladies got to hoard all of hair’s styling potential when men can grow hair out of their faces,” writes Jessica Saia on The Bold Italic website. And we admit they’ve got a point. MyDaily‘s style writer Daisy Sitch said: “For those with long hair an updo fix is the perfect way to mix things up – ideal for guys on the go looking for a no muss, no fuss style that still shows they’ve taken a little time over their appearance.”

‘Women Congress to be revamped’ Hindustan Times The Congress party is revamping its frontal organisation, Women Congress, in a bid to empower grassroots level women party workers politically, socially and economically. All India Women Congress (AIWC) has been directed to form self-help groups of women members to make them self reliant.

Politically, their credentials will be screened at different levels before their appointment on responsible posts within the organisation. The newly-appointed AIWC president Shobha Oza stated this while addressing ‘ Meet the press’ programme organised by Indore Press Club on Sunday. “Congress party wants to create leaders who have risen from grassroots level,” she said. She has been made Women Congress president for three years.

Women’s panel, rights body now defunct Deccan Chronicle Bengaluru: The Mumbai gangrape has cast issues surrounding women’s safety in the spotlght once more. Even as the incident has sparked national outrage, the state government doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about appointing a chairperson for the Karnataka State Women’s Com­mission.

The post has been lying vacant for more than six months. The Karnataka State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) is even worse off – it has been without a head for over a year and other crucial posts have also lain vacant.

Making laws to empower women not enough, need to stop attacks … Indian Express Against the backdrop of rising crimes against women, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said making laws for their empowerment is not enough as they will have to be implemented properly on ground.

Sonia slams ‘shameful remarks’ on women, to work for gender justice “We realise that by just making laws and announcing policies would not be enough to empower women. Along with it, policies and laws will have to be implemented properly on ground,” she said while addressing a gathering at the launch of the Ahimsa Messenger scheme, under which volunteers will be created to spread awareness on women’s issues.

Urging the people to launch a “social revolution” for empowering women, the Congress president said, “The most fundamental issue that the mindset and old 

Passing bill on women’s rights in W. Bank could be seen as … Haaretz (Subscription) Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein opposes a proposed bill that would extend the country’s labor laws to Israeli women working in the occupied territories, saying its approval would have “far-reaching” legal consequences for the state.

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