Gender and Politics in the media

Future of Egypt’s Women’s Political Participation. Dutch Christian party has 1 woman candidate, after no man could be found.

South peace talks ‘should involve women Bangkok Post International donors and state authorities need to stop merely supporting charitable activities for Malayu Muslim women in the deep South and start properly engaging them in the peace dialogue, it has been claimed.

Panellists at the launch of the “Strengthening the Role of Women Peacemakers” report argued that women’s voices are being overlooked amid attempts to tackle insurgency in the region.

Shadia Marhaban, trainer and women’s rights activist, said national and international donors should shy away from funding projects that support so-called “feminine” activities such as making handicrafts, but rather initiate training schemes that empower women to address political and social issues.

Protests against sexual terrorism practiced on Egyptian female protesters on Feb 12, 2013. Ahmed Hamed/Aswat Masriya

The Future of Egypt’s Women’s Political Participation Egyptian Women struggled over the 6 decades in order to obtain the right to political participation, which started since the revolution of July 23, 1952 until women got the right to participate as voters and candidates in 1956, and resulted in their first presence within the 1957 parliament with two seats.

It is worth mentioning that the percentage of women’s representation in the parliament since obtaining their political rights and until now does not exceed 2% with the exception of the periods that have adopted Quota systems for women and the Proportional list system in 1979, 1984, and 2010.

ANC to target women’s vote Eyewitness News PARKTOWN – The ruling African National Congress (ANC) says it will be counting on the votes of South Africa’s women in next year’s elections while also …

President Koroma Assures Women in the Security Sector President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has reassured women in the Security Sector that his government has taken key steps in addressing issues on women’s empowerment.

President Koroma made the assertion while addressing a meeting held with women in the security sector, and acknowledged issues raised by the organization.

He said government is mainstreaming to indicate the highest level of political will and commitment towards women’s empowerment’ observing that government has made more efforts on empowering women and will continue in that direction.

In Light of the Constitution and the Roadmap the Future of Women’s … It is worth mentioning that the percentage of women’s representation in the parliament since obtaining their political rights and until now does not exceed 2% …

The brethren in black suits get their first female local leader Members of the fundamentalist Christian political party SGP in Vlissingen have voted in favour of a woman leading their campaign for next year’s local elections.

The party does not approve of women becoming involved in politics but was forced by legal action last year to accept the principle of women taking political office. Now Lilian Janse, 40, has emerged as the leader of the local party’s election efforts after no man could be found to take the job. Local members voted 23 for, 14 against Janse’s candidacy.

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