Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Opposition to fracking strong among women. Sexism? The other parties are worse, says top UKIP woman.

For Female Scientists, There’s No Good Time to Have Children … The Atlantic American women are leaving academic science, including the social sciences, in alarming numbers. Many will turn away from science while still in graduate school. Although women obtain more than half of the baccalaureate degrees in the sciences, they receive only 46 percent of the doctorates. Others will drop out of the science pipeline after receiving their Ph.D.s, or when they come up for tenure. Less than one third of Ph.D.-level scientists employed in tenure-track positions at four-year colleges and universities are women; less than one quarter of full professors are women.

These inequities are particularly striking in an era when women have made great strides in American society more generally. Were the gender gap closed, were women to take their rightful place alongside male scholars, the world would see a renaissance in biological, physical, and behavioral science.


Green party MP Caroline Lucas stands at the entrance to the Cuadrilla exploratory drilling site in Balcombe, West Sussex, which has attracted anti-fracking protests. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA


Liberal Democrats blast environmental damage caused by fracking The Guardian Nick Clegg‘s Liberal Democrats have poured scorn on George Osborne‘s push for a shale gas revolution in the UK, saying the process of fracking has caused extensive environmental damage and water pollution in the US.

The comments, in official policy papers, come as a new Opinium/Observer poll shows strong public opposition to fracking, with resistance particularly strong among women.

Asked if they would like to see various alternative types of energyprojects in their area, 60% of people said they would be happy to have windfarms or turbines. By contrast, only 23% are happy for fracking to take place in their area.

While views were split fairly evenly among men, with 38% against fracking and 32% in favour, among women the proportion was 51% against and 15% in favour….

Sexism? The other parties are worse, says top UKIP woman The Times (subscription) However one of the party’s most senior women insists that theConservatives and Labour are far more sexist. Janice Atkinson, a Tory defector who is one of …


`Gender game low politics ‘Tasmania Examiner AUSTRALIA’S most senior woman parliamentarian hopes the country has seen the last of what she calls the gender game used as a tactic in federal politics.

Women wooed by Abbott’s parental leave scheme – but funding …Herald Sun But it appears Abbott’s policy may have already hit its mark with women voters. Jacqueline Bailey says she will vote for Abbott in two weeks because of it. “I think …



40% of directors want gender quota system Irish Examiner On the issue of gender equality, over 80% of directors said there is a disparity between men and women. However, while 42% feel gender quotas should be …

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