Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Karen Bradley, Nicky Morgan: Two whips who will help define Cameron’s next reshuffle. AU: Women wooed by return of Rudd.

Karen Bradley and Nicky Morgan: Two whips who will help define Conservative Home (blog) …Reshuffle speculation is almost always wrong. But one can already see with some clarity two of the tests by which David Cameron’s next rearrangement of his team will be judged. Oceans of ink will be devoted to the essentially tiresome question of how many women he has promoted, while more subtle observers will wish to see whether the Whips’ Office has regained its traditional role as a training ground for ministerial office.

It happens that two junior whips, Nicky Morgan and Karen Bradley, are among the women tipped for promotion. So watching what, if anything, happens to them, will be one way of gauging the character of the reshuffle.But before the two women, a word about the two tests. In April 2009, Mr Cameron allowed himself to say, with the expansiveness that comes so easily to a Leader of the Opposition: “If elected, by the end of our first Parliament I want a third of all my ministers to be female.” The time has surely come to announce that he has ditched this aspiration, and not just because of his unselfconsciously arrogant use of the word “my” to refer to what are actually the Queen’s ministers.

Women wooed by return of Rudd The Australian (Subscription) AFTER deserting Labor earlier this year under Julia Gillard, female voters are flocking back to Kevin Rudd.Support for the ALP among women was at its lowest level from April to June last year, at 31 per cent, seven points lower than at the 2010 election.

Extravagant Abbott woos women with Whitlam The Australian (Subscription)  FEMALE voters are the silent winners in election 2013. Their patron is that alleged sexist, Tony Abbott, who has the most pro-working women policy in our history, a document that is extravagant, fiscally dangerous and certain to inflict pain elsewhere.

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