Gender and Politics in the media

US: Topless women and bikini-clad men hope will fight injustices. Susan B. Anthony Festival celebrates women’s suffrage.

A female politician by any number of names… Lexington Herald Leader The last Kentucky woman who won elections and didn’t have to use all three of her names was Thelma Stovall, who shone with a different kind of light.

GOP Tries to Convince Women That Having Their Rights Taken … PoliticusUSA On ABC’s This Week today, she pretended that the Republican Party is really not-so-extreme on women’s issues and thus, you single ladies should vote …

Kan. proof-of-citizenship law targeting fraud puts voting rights in … Washington Post TOPEKA, Kan. — A few weeks after moving to suburban Kansas City from the Seattle area, Aaron Belenky went online to register to vote. But he ended up …

Topless rally likely to not be pulled off easily Tribune-Review “We want women to examine how they feel about all women’s issues,” she said. “From this, maybe they’ll look to the workplace, or how they run their homes.

Susan B. Anthony Festival celebrates women’s suffrage News 10NBC Susan B. Anthony Festival celebrates women’s suffrage … The Susan B. Anthony Festival on Sunday celebrated 93 years of equal voting rights for women.

Women’s Rights and Inequality in America Huffington Post (blog) However, in spite of this skepticism and opposition from Southern white men, ethnic politicians and the liquor industry (who concluded that women would vote …

This Is What Conservative Media Think A Transgender Woman … Media Matters for America (blog) If there’s any doubt how clueless conservative media figures are when it comes to transgender issues, the recent freak out over California’s new student …

Mansfield’s first female candidate was a doctor Mansfield News Journal But women were voting long before that in selective states for selective offices. The all-male Ohio General Assembly in 1894 gave women the right to vote for …

“It is the nation’s time”: How women won the vote Salon “Remember the ladies,” Abigail Adams had said, but it seemed that no one had. “I have argued with [Wendell] Phillips and the whole fraternity and all will favor …

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