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UK: 1 in 3 Labour voters think Miliband should not lead the party into next general election.

Can Labour’s women save Ed Miliband? But after a lack-lustre summer, even your own MPs and peers say Labour needs to up its game. And rather than shouting from the sidelines, the…

More Gloom For Labour Leader Ed Miliband In Latest Poll Huffington Post UK One in three Labour voters think Ed Miliband should not lead the party into the next general election, according to a new poll. The survey also found that only two out of every 10 voters are satisfied with the Labour leader’s performance.

34% of people who voted for the Labour Party in 2010 say he should not lead the party into the 2015 general election, while just 46% say he should, according to the ICM poll carried out for the Daily Mirror.

…Mr Miliband’s approval rating is particularly low among older and male voters. Of those polled, 61% of pensioners said they are unhappy with his leadership, while 48% of men say he is not up to the job, compared to 37% of women.

The gender pay gap: female managers paid 25% less than men and … Blue & Green Tomorrow …A 2011 government-commissioned review, led by Lord Davies of Abersoch, concluded, “Evidence suggests that companies with a strong female representation at board and top management level perform better than those without and that gender-diverse boards have a positive impact on performance.”

Speaking about this latest study, CMI chief executive Ann Francke said, “Despite genuine efforts to get more women onto boards, it’s disappointing to find that not only has progress stalled, but women are also losing ground at senior levels.

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