Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Labour decides on all-women MP shortlist for Coventry North East. Labour council leader in sexist wages row.

David Cameron must do more to encourage marriage, warns Chief … The Independent Britain’s Chief Rabbi has intervened in the controversy surrounding the Government’s treatment of mothers who give up work to bring up young children….The Chancellor George Osborne recently announced that childcare vouchers worth up to £1,200 a year will be available to households where both parents work and have a combined income of up to £300,000. Tory MPs have protested because the scheme excludes families in which a parent stays at home.

UKIP Does Not Fight for British Interests in Brussels Huffington Post UK I read with interest comments made by Janice Atkinson about the work that Godfrey Bloom does on ‘the EU’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality committee’. Not only is the above quote factually incorrect but her blog post was also a pretty simplistic rendering of the European legislative process. Given that it was about an IEA event, perhaps it was simply due to lack of space, but I thought I’d respond just in case.

Labour decides on all-women MP shortlist for the safe seat of … Coventry Telegraph Coventry is set to have its first female MP in decades after a Labour decision to have an all-women shortlist in the safe seat of Coventry North East.

The Telegraph months ago reported the likelihood of an all-women shortlist in what is one of the safest Labour seats in the country – after Bob Ainsworth announced he will stand down at the next election, expected in 2015. Coventry has not had a female Labour MP since Audrey Wise in 1979.

The Telegraph has learned the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) decided weeks ago to include the seat in its drive to increase democratic representation by boosting the number of female MPs in the Commons.

Three of four Warwickshire candidates already in place have been chosen by the local constituency party from all-women shortlists.

Eddie McAvoy: Fought to keep facts confidential

Secret files: ‘90% male staff paid more than women’ Scotland on Sunday A SCOTTISH Labour council leader is facing demands that he resign for allegedly paying 90 per cent of male staff more money than their female counterparts.

Campaigners are calling on South Lanarkshire Council boss Eddie McAvoy to quit after they say secret files show irregularities in payrolls and an attempted cover-up by the authority. The council, which has more than 10,000 female staff compared to 4,400 male, is already facing a £10 million tribunal by female employees but now could face another multi- million-pound claim.

The SNP has demanded “full disclosure” from Mr McAvoy on the issue.

It has been claimed that the documents released by a court show that about 580 male gardeners and refuse collectors should have earned between £8.77 and £9.17, the same as 2,000 female care assistants. But campaigners say that about 530 of the men were given extra bonuses and secret pay deals boosting their pay packets significantly.


10 Australian female politicians to watch The Guardian Being the youngest person ever elected to the Senate, the first Green from South Australia to do so, and also the youngest woman ever elected to the federal …

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