Gender and Politics in the media

US: GOP touts female, minority “rising stars”. The STEM Gender Gap. Can A Campus Book Club Save The GOP?


Men These Days! Men Now Demanding Women to Pay on Dates 7 min

Getting the government out of women’s bodies … Video on Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner joins Melissa Harris-Perry about women …

Conservative women count Boston Herald “When Women Vote, Democrats Win.” This sign was seen hanging in Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s Arlington office earlier this summer.

The STEM Gender Gap NPR The number of girls and women studying the sciences has steadily increased each year, but there is still a gender gap in higher education and the work force.

Controversial men’s rights group fundraising for a Centre for Men …Toronto Star “They tend to be more frustrated about women’s rights being protected and women’s equality being promoted, rather than men’s rights being violated,” says …

Does anyone care about black women? Salon Not only that, but a focus on black women’s issues has often been viewed not only as distracting but also as threatening to a black male political agenda, since

Alderman Library on the campus of UVA.

Can A Campus Book Club Save The Republican Party? BuzzFeed After completing an exhilarating Capitol Hill internship in 2004, Karin Agness returned to University of Virginia eager to find a group of conservative women with …

GOP touts female, minority “rising stars” Salon The calls for change come nine months after a painful 2012 election in which the … for conservative university women in 2004 while at the University of Virginia.

Can the GOP Fix Its Woman Problem in Time to Fight Clinton? The Atlantic Clinton has the potential to be powerfully mobilizing for women voters, a group that since 1980 has favored Democrats in presidential elections, boosting a …

‘We Are Ready for the Next Wave of the Women’s Movement’ Huffington Post (blog) Considering how difficult it was to become the first female chancellor of Germany, I do not expect her to talk about women’s issues. I think as women become …

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