Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Page 3 caught up in a feminist booby-trap. Go on David, ignore the lads and place women in Cabinet.


Go on David, ignore the lads and place women in Cabinet Belfast Telegraph David Cameron is widely expected to shuffle the Cabinet this autumn, with Tories including Theresa Villiers, Amber Rudd, Nicky Morgan and Karen Bradley all hotly tipped for promotion.

The amateur detectives among you will have noticed that these names all happen to be female. Imagine that, eh?

Actual, honest-to-goodness women sitting up at the big table, injecting their ancient and mystical female energies into the sleepy mix of mothballs, testosterone and old-school pride that is the current Cabinet.

Promote women, but not the wrong ones …Fortunately for Mr Cameron, he doesn’t need to appoint “token” women: the Tory party might not be heavy on the ladies, but the female MPs that do exist are bursting with talent. If you want to sound informed, you could easily pick a name at random from the list of women still on the backbenches and predict that they were ripe for promotion. A reasonable bet would be that Margot James, Harriett Baldwin, Nicola Blackwood, Karen Bradley, Amber Rudd, Claire Perry, Priti Patel, Nicky Morgan, Tracey Crouch, Charlotte Leslie and Andrea Leadsom are all names circulating in Mr Cameron’s head as he plans the promotions. Smart money would go on a new job for Nicky Morgan, currently in the Whip’s Office but very well respected by the leadership.

Page 3 caught up in a feminist booby-trap: Readers of ‘The Sun’ are in for an eyeful The Independent Participants at the UK’s feminist “summer school” in Birmingham swapped the page featuring topless women for one with images of the world’s first female surgeon, a female vicar, a punk musician, Frida Kahlo, and even a scantily clad man. They will be encouraged to slide their creations into as many copies of The Sun newspaper that they can find.

Maple, who has always thought it “wrong” that breasts appeared on the pages of Britain’s most-read tabloid, wanted to “mirror the ludicrousness of it” when she created her own Page 3: a photo of herself with huge plastic breasts and a black skirt. “To me, fake tits in The Sun are as silly as real ones in the newspaper,” she told The Independent on Sunday. “I wanted to use humour as a tool to get the message across.”

Help celebrate Sheffield’s proud history of supporting women The Star In the summer of 1913, thousands of women walked to London to demonstrate for the right to vote. 100 years later, a similar walk is taking place in Sheffield to ..

Labour women launch their own charter Thurrock Gazette AN OFFSHOOT of Thurrock Labour, set up to support equality for women in the … Thurrock Labour Women’s Officer, councillor Barbara Rice, said: “We have


I gave up my son for adoption, says senator Jacinta Collins The Australian Senator Collins says her parliamentary career, which began in 1995 when she entered the Senate as Labor’s only female federal MP from Victoria, has seen her …

Pay best in the west, gender gap gets wider Sydney Morning Herald A decade ago, the average manufacturing wage matched the average national wage. Now it is 9 per cent below. The pay gender gap is growing again.

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