Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Cameron, time to do it Angela Merkel-style. US: The US Women Who Tried to Stop Andrew Jackson.

Philosophy has a sexual harassment problem …Back in 2010, I set out to gain a better understanding of why this is.  Inspired by discussions with other women philosophers who were worried about the gender  gap in our discipline, I set up a blog where philosophers (of any gender) could share anonymous stories — positive or negative — about what it is like to be a woman in philosophy. I was not prepared for what happened.

Almost instantly, I was deluged with stories of sexual harassment.  There was the job candidate who said she was sexually assaulted at the annual APA meeting where job interviews take place.  The undergraduate whose professor joked publicly about dripping hot wax on her nipples.  The persistent failure to understand that a woman of color might actually be a philosophy professor.  The lesbian who found herself suddenly invited, after she came out, to join in the sexualizing of her female colleagues.  Most of all, the repeated failure to actually respond to and deal with harassment: the serial harassers who suffer no loss to their career, despite widespread knowledge of their behavior and even of their sometimes vicious retaliation against complainants. The complicity of their institutions and their colleagues, who in many cases join in the retaliation as they close ranks.  Many, many stories came in of women who had left philosophy due to harassment.  I was shocked by these stories, and struggled to schedule them to appear, four a day, two weeks in advance.  It kept up this way for months.  There is still a steady stream of stories of this sort….

Dave, it’s time to do it Angela Merkel-style: ditch the spin, stop … What’s interesting about the photographs released by the German chancellor before next month’s elections is that they appear to show a woman who has …

Vote Compass – Rudd versus Gillard Analysis ABC Online (blog) For months Labor tried to point towards Tony Abbott’s problems with female voters. But the data reveals there was another gender problem, Julia Gillard’s …

Go Home Christine Quinn Has the Same Problem That Hillary …The New Republic “To keep women’s votes… [she] has to make sure they see her the way Bryant does: articulate, smart, qualified, and a woman to boot – and not the way her …

The Band of American Women Who Tried to Stop Andrew Jackson’s … Slate Magazine (blog) More than 60 women from Steubenville, Ohio, signed this 1830 petition begging Congress to reconsider Andrew Jackson’s plan to remove southern Native Americans beyond the Mississippi. (The petition is now held in the National Archives.)

In the early 19th century, the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Choctaw nations stood in the way of white settlement in the South, and Jackson made their removal one of the major goals of his administration.

While Jackson and his allies framed the issue as one of protection, arguing that removal would reduce inevitable conflicts between white settlers and Native Americans, lawmakers in the opposition—including Henry Clay—were inclined to be sympathetic to the Native Americans’ claim on the land.

…This “memorial” (another term for “petition”) was humble to the extreme. Calling themselves “the feeblest of the feeble,” the memorialists acknowledged that the lawmakers might find such “presumptuous interference” to be “wholly unbecoming the character of American Females.”

Nonetheless, the women begged their readers to remember that in the United States ladies enjoyed a “generous deference” unknown in other countries. Could not the senators and congressmen listen to the women’s plea for a “hapless people”?

While, Hershberger writes, the campaigners succeeded in “deluging Congress with women’s petitions,” the campaign ultimately failed. Congressional Democrats scoffed, mocking anti-removalists for their inability to keep their ladies out of things. The Indian Removal Act was passed and enforced. Some tribes signed treaties and left voluntarily, while others, including most of the Cherokee, were forcibly removed.

Many of the women involved in the petition drive, including Harriet Beecher (Stowe) and Angelina Grimké, later took up the abolitionist cause, where they found more success.

Gutfeld: Mayor Bob Filner Is a Pile of Crap – Fox Democratic women fail to see the two behaviors are linked, or maybe they do but pretend not …

No change possible without women’s participation, says Rahul on … India Today Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said development in the country cannot be imagined without participation of women. “Bringing about a …

Mugabe victory brings wave of intimidation against women activists Christian Science Monitor  An election victory by Robert Mugabe and his party usually means trouble for … after some villagers, most of them women, were forced to flee their homes in …

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