Gender and Politics in the media

UK: We could do with more ‘jobs for the girls’. It would at least be a start.

We could do with more ‘jobs for the girls’. It would at least be a start The Independent …David Cameron is expected to shuffle the Cabinet this autumn, with Tories including Amber Rudd, Nicky Morgan and Karen Bradley tipped for top jobs.

Amateur detectives among you will notice these names to be female. Imagine? Actual women sitting up at the big table injecting their ancient and mystical female energies into the sleepy mix of mothballs, testosterone and old-school pride that is our current Cabinet.

Actually, let’s not celebrate too soon as here comes aid minister Alan Duncan banging the big drum marked “BEWARE: PROGRESS”. Cameron, he says, should avoid “tokenistic” gestures in an effort to boost women in his top team. “I never wanted to be a token gay,” Duncan said, “and now things have progressed so there is no need for it. Nobody should want to be a token woman; it should all be based on merit.” Gosh, I had no idea homophobia had been wholly banished from politics and public life outright, but I’ll take his word for it. Alan, after all, due to meritocracy, is jolly clever. He’s much smarter than me, you, or anyone within the United Kingdom, or thanks to the stiff rules of fairness within Westminster he would not be a top dog.

Australian Female Politician First Called “Sexy” By One Man Is Now …The Frisky Earlier this week, the leader of Australia’s conservative party, Tony Abbott, was asked about two female politicians, Fiona Scott and Jackie Kelly.  Shoving his head far, far up his asshole, Abbott responded that the two women were “feisty” and had “a bit of sex appeal.” Now another Australian politician has responded with even dumber remarks — if you can believe it — by announcing that Abbott must have been wearing “beer googles” for thinking Fiona Scott was a fox. “I had a good look at Fiona Scott … and she doesn’t have sex appeal at all,” said former conservative leader Mark Latham. “Se’s not that good a sort.” He then continued that Scott is a “rather plain ordinary-looking woman” and “in politics they say it is showbiz for ugly people.” I can’t even …

Indian origin woman in NZ local government polls fray Zee News Wellington: An Indian origin woman is in with a chance to become the first Muslim woman to be elected to a local government body in New Zealand.

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