Gender and Politics in the media

Even little kids have a wage gap. UK: Twigg calls for action over subject gender gap.

UK: Women don’t get on in business because they can’t compete with …Daily Mail Stuart Wheeler, the former major Tory donor and business tycoon, was accused of being sexist after claiming in a debate about representation of women on …

Twigg calls for action over subject gender gap The national picture reveals that boys outperformed girls in the top grade again this year, and widened the gap, with 8 per cent of boys’ entries attaining an A* compared with 7.4 per cent of girls. Girls are still slightly ahead in A*-A grades …

(Credit: Alena Ozerova via Shutterstock)

US: Even little kids have a wage gap Girls do more housework than boys — and they make less in allowance for what they do

A 2009 study conducted by University of Michigan economists found a two-hour gender disparity in responsibilities per week in a study of 3,000 kids. That same year,  Highlights magazine, a children’s publication, surveyed its readers and found that 75 percent of girls had chores, while just 65 percent of boys did.  This disparity in chores and free time continues into adulthood all over the world.

According to the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), men “report spending more time in activities counted as leisure than women. Gender differences in leisure time are wide across OECD countries.”

The fact that boys’ chores appear to be more profitable makes the childhood chore gap even more disturbing. Turns out, parents tend to value the work that boys typically do more highly than the work girls do. A website that helps parents teach children how to earn, spend and save responsibly, pktmny, found “significant divides based on gender, age and the nature of the task being undertaken by each child,” according to Louise Hill, COO of the company.

For example, mowing the lawn generally garners higher allowance wages than folding laundry. Shoveling a snow-covered driveway might yield more cash in hand than emptying the dishwasher.

Mary Matalin: GOP Must Recruit Women, Minority Candidates Still, Matalin — married to Democratic consultant James Carville and the mother of two — said female voters already have proved to be a formidable voting force …

Republicans looking for more female candidates News 10 Now Ahead of the next election cycle, the Republican Party is trying to win over more female voters. And they are starting that with a search for more female …

Hillary Clinton’s theme, pre-2016: Women who break barriers Washington Post Ultimately, the advisers decided that doing so might alienate male voters, and they assumed thatwomen would vote for her regardless. But that proved to be a …

Tom Corbett Tries to Fix His Woman Voter Problem By Hiring Some … Keystone Politics One trend that’s been a fixture of all PA Governor race polls since the Republicans started slashing the education budget and women’s health and privacy rights ..

Equality of sexes poorly enforced at workplaces YLE News Finland’s Ombudsman for Equality lacks resources to enforce the gender equality plan, which companies are by law obliged to make and follow at workplaces.


With friends like REAL Women, does ‘social conservatism’ need … REAL Women of Canada may be the most successful socialconservative advocacy group in this country that’s not a church—if you’re judging by a standard of …

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