Gender and Politics in the media

Burqas Do Not Justify War. Child Marriage. Tunisian women demonstrate for rights.

Aspiring MPs furious Times of Swaziland As far as Senate is concerned, half of the 10 members elected by the House of Assembly must be women, while at least eight of the 20 members appointed by …

Kawetijoru (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Burqas Do Not Justify War Truthdig When the U.S. initially invaded Afghanistan, the terms “women’s rights” and “protection” were thrown around as justification for war. More than a decade later, it’s clear little has been done to promote women’s rights in Afghanistan, and the conditions created by military intervention have only worsened the prospects for equality. Not only does associating women’s rights with the “West” have detrimental effects on a community that is resistant toward its imperial invaders, but the war itself has wreaked havoc on the daily lives of women.

Burqas and empire, again | Al Jazeera Iranian So, I am wondering if there will be much re-telling and misuse, again, of the discourse of women’s rights as a justification both for the initial war, and, possibly as …

Perhaps Bowing To Pressure, Rohani Appoints Woman To Iranian … RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty  In an apparent response to the criticism that followed from women voters and … “It’s women’s right to have female ministers appointed as well,” Tahmasebi says.

Tunisian women demonstrate for rights TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) – Thousands of people have rallied in Tunisia in support of women’s rights amid national debate about a landmark constitution for the Arab …

Tunisia’s National Women’s Day Sharnoff’s Global Views Besides facing the threat of conservative political forces, many issues remain unsolved because women’s issues cannot be isolated from the country’s larger ..

Parliament should move women’s reservation bill in ongoing …Times of India MUMBAI: The women’s reservation bill which has been pending for over 17 years … next general elections,” stated Sonya Gill of the AIDWA, While more women …

22% of nominees are women Times of Swaziland Women who have been nominated for parliament stand at 22 per cent of all nominated … This lack of representation is an indication that women are not properly …

How Female Senators Lost Vote On Early Marriage – Senator Usman …There are challenges. First and foremost, when you are in the Senate, you don’t count yourself as a man or woman senator. We are just senators. But there are times when one is at crossroads because you wish something happens but it can’t happen. The last one was the issue of Section 29 (4b). Those of us at the constitutional amendment committee had actually come up with an idea that the section should be deleted because it has always been there. The entire committee presented it to the senate to be voted at large. We mobilised women groups and they came, watching us from the gallery.

The first time the vote was taken, it scaled through. For some of us who had to leave the chamber to attend to other assignments, I was shocked while I was away, (which is why I was not registered because I was not physically present at that time in the chamber), the issue was brought back and the voting took place again and we lost. We have only eight women in the Senate. That was a day I wish we had more women than that number. If we had more women than that number, we would have carried the day. It is something that I felt bad about. That is why when people like Hauwa Shekarau came up with a petition, alongside other civil society groups, I willingly signed onto it. We want the Senate to revisit the issue and vote again.

Child Marriage – Umuada Ndi-Igbo in Diaspora Writes Senate …Lately we have heard so much about a purported bill in the Senate regarding legalising marriage for under-aged girls. My blood and that of the other members of my organisation was already boiling. We were already planning massive rallies across the USA and Nigeria, to express our distaste for such inhumane and insane proposition.

Author of Anti-Gay Law Is Putin’s Conservative Champion The Moscow Times State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina has used her position as the head of the Committee on Family, Women and Children to author increasingly conservative …

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