Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Don’t confuse ‘daft’ Ukip jokes with sexism. Nightclub’s naked woman poster sparks outrage in Wales. 10 Ways For Women To Get Promoted.

Don’t confuse ‘daft’ Ukip jokes with sexism I’m a woman, so why wouldn’t I vote UKIP?

Ukip is a breath of fresh air for women like me who value a truly libertarian approach, who recognise that tokenistic, dogmatic, politically correct edicts do nothing whatsoever for women’s rights and indeed often hamper them. A Women’s Minister, as we currently have in Maria Miller, devising special polices for women? Why do we need either if we are equal? Personally I find the whole idea we need special treatment, special quotas, special rights etc., quite demeaning and I think most women – and men – agree with me.

In all the years I’ve spent canvassing on doorsteps, attending political meetings and dealing with correspondence from constituents, I’ve never once been asked about my policies for gender equality. I’ve never known it be a deciding factor at the ballot box. As far as I’m concerned women and men are equal and that’s that. Let’s not do either sex a disservice by splitting down policy as if the two were different species.

Gender Pay Gap: 10 Ways For Women To Get Promoted At Work Huffington Post UK Another encouraging piece of research, released this month [July 2013] by insurance company, LV, found that 41% of women earn more than their partner, up from 26% over the last three decades. So perhaps the glass ceiling really is beginning to weaken


But despite this increasing evidence that companies need to employ a higher proportion of women in leadership roles, and telling glimpses of a more balanced future, the gender pay gap is still a shocking reality. What’s more, experts believe this may have a negative effect on the way a woman perceives her own value in the workplace, starting the moment she leaves university.

In March 2013, a study by Warwick Institute For Employment Research revealed that female graduates can expect to earn thousands of pounds a year less than their male counterparts.

While women taking their first graduate job were earning between £15-17,999 and £21-23,999 – men, with the same degree and applying for equivalent roles, were more likely to earn in excess of £24,000.

Nightclub’s naked woman poster sparks outrage WalesOnline A popular city nightclub has been forced to apologise and withdraw a promotional image after it came under fire for using a naked woman on a poster campaign.

Cardiff Central Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Willott told the Echo she was “horrified and offended” by the posters used in the Cardiff Tiger Tiger. Partygoers writing on the nightclub’s Facebook page also criticised the images labelling them “embarrassing” and “sexist”.

A spokesman for the club apologised and confirmed it had withdrawn the images as a result of the furore.

The adverts featured a naked woman holding a board with Tiger Tiger Cardiff written on it covering her breasts and another with a QR code – a type of barcode – over her crotch.

The PRA must use its clout to get more women in the boardroom The Guardian It also follows Lord Davies’ recommendations on gender balance when he called for 25% female representation in FTSE 100 boardrooms by 2015. But Davies’ …

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