Gender and Politics in the media

Hey, Ladies! Does Your Period Affect Your Politics? The long history of sexist pseudo-science.


Pamela Wallin, a Saskatchewan senator and former broadcaster, has faced scrutiny over more than $300,000 in claimed travel expenses. Photograph by: The Canadian Press , Postmedia News

Sen. Pamela Wallin’s travel expenses audit may hold wider …Calgary Herald OTTAWA — After months of speculation and rumours, Pamela Wallin and a small group of her Senate colleagues discover Monday what auditors have unearthed during months spent poring through her travel expenses of the last three years.

The following day, Tuesday, Wallin finds out her fate as the Senate’s internal economy committee reaches conclusions and decides on a course of action, including the possibility of sending her audit to the RCMP for a further look.

PMO silent on conservative group’s attack against Baird’s gay rights …Hill Times (subscription) PMO silent on conservative group’s attack against Baird’s gay rights in Russia … and has been criticized for it by the conservative right-wing group Real Women

United States

Academic Journal: Does Your Period Affect Your Politics?The New Republic …There is no shortage of psychological studies about female fertility these days. In July, the same journal published a paper titled, “Women Are More Likely to Wear Red or Pink at Peak Fertility.” And last year, another serious journal article attempted to answer the eternal question, “Do Women Prefer More Complex Music Around Ovulation.” (The short answer: No.)

Durante and her coauthors, according to critics, added another such footnote to the long and inglorious history of sexist pseudo-science, going all the way back to the ancient Egyptians’ diagnosis of hysteria around 1900 B.C. (The cause of this female-only disorder way back then? Spontaneous uterus movement within the female body, obviously.) In a credulous CNN article about “The Fluctuating Female Vote,” which was removed by the network (but remains available here) after an online furor over its existence, a Rutgers professor of political science and gender studies says, way down near the end of the piece, that the paper was sexist: “There is absolutely no reason to expect that women’s hormones affect how they vote … [and there is] a long and troubling history of using women’s hormones as an excuse to exclude them from politics and other societal opportunities.”

Floyd Hosts “Conservative” Women FITSNews …Hmmmm … wonder if this event will go down like the National Federation of Republican Women conference held in Charleston, S.C. back in 2010? Because that was quite the party … 

Anyway, Floyd is back on her soapbox – playing the gender card in an effort to remain relevant on the political stage seeing as her own electoral ambition came up short a few years back.

“Where is the Party of Abraham Lincoln and Susan B. Anthony that once stood for equality, values and opportunity for all?” Floyd asks. “As Republican women leaders, how do we engage and energize other women? What are the policies that matter most to women and how do we address those issues with messaging that builds our Party, grows our ranks as Republican women elected officials and significantly impacts elections?”

New Women’s Super PAC Seeks to Replace Male Politicians with … In The Capital (blog) The More Women in Congress Super PAC, founded by Shannon Meade is looking to support female candidates running in national races on both Democratic and Republican platforms. The organization will raise money for campaigns and develop ads that will be run “straight down the throats of every boy’s club member in Washington,” according to the groups website.

While there are currently a number of organizations looking to place more women in office, More Women in Congress is the first to be decidedly bipartisan in its efforts. EMILY”S List has been around for decades working to help liberal women win elections, and just a couple of months ago the Republican National Committee launched a “Women on the Right UNITE” initiative to get more of their own women on Capitol Hill.

Definition of Insane: GOP Targeting Moms and Obamacare City Watch There is, however, a method to the latest madness. Republicans wanted vote one more time to show they’re on the anti-Obama bus, because while they’re home fending off constituents who might actually want some meaningful action, many of their districts will be bombarded with TV ads against Obamacare.

The ads are mostly aimed at women — specifically moms. Pollsters say women make 80 percent of a family’s health care spending decisions, and will likely be the Deciders about whether or not to sign up for the new exchanges beginning in October.

Seems to me targeting moms with anti-Obamacare messages might just backfire on Republicans. While telling female voters they want Obamacare to go away, the ads will also be a reminder that the Grand Ol’ Party believes in legitimate rape, and has also voted defund family planning programs and birth control clinics.

Off to the races: I am woman, hear me roar  She has woven a theme of women’s empowerment throughout almost all of her public  Vice President Joe Biden “will be the keynote speaker at Senator Tom . 

A Political Reality: Iowa Has Never Elected a Female Governor …Slate Magazine (blog) Democrats here know that their state, which has produced proud liberals from Henry Wallace to John Culver to Mr. Harkin, has never elected a female governor, …

US gender programming: Where will the money go? Devex And to ensure gender equality is fully integrated into U.S.-funded development activities, the budget has requested $45 million solely for supporting …


No room for gender politics at kitchen sink Brisbane Times No room for gender politics at kitchen sink. Date: August … And here we are in the progressive, Wonder Woman future, and the idea of “women’s work” remains.

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