Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Why on earth would a woman ever vote for Ukip. US: Smart Girl Politics Summit, 2013 Texas GOP Vote.

Mr Bloom

Why on earth would a woman ever vote for Ukip – the ultimate ‘old … …Mr Bloom, who insisted the phrase “bongo bongo land” wasn’t remotely racist, has previously reserved the bulk of his antediluvian attitudes for women. In April he reiterated his views that businesses shouldn’t employ women of childbearing age. Previously, he’s declared: “A woman’s place is cleaning behind the fridge.”

…But it’s not just Mr Bloom who enjoys winding up the Guardianistas. The leadership’s stance on women was highlighted by Marta Andreasen, an MEP who quit Ukip and defected to the Conservatives in February, accusing Nigel Farage himself of being “anti-women”.

She said Mr Farage surrounded himself with “an old boys’ club of like-minded sycophants”.

The leader’s reaction was interesting. He said the Tories “deserve what is coming to them”, declaring “the woman is impossible”. Am I alone in finding the use of the definite article somehow unnecessarily dehumanising?

Savvy Women and Savvy Thinking: Smart Girl Politics Summit 2013 Texas GOP Vote …The Minority Outreach Panel discussed the widely recognized truth that conservative policies are better for women, and everyone, but conservatives tend to lose the messaging battle, especially with minorities. The very thoughtful Kira Davis moderated the panel. All of these panelists agreed that fewer Happy Hour style superficial events and more connecting in the community is needed, and that helping in all communities is vital (there is a lot to “just showing up”). Building trust is a mandatory precondition to having hearts open to hear our messages.

Knowing GOP party history was also touted—Republicans have been the most supportive of minority rights from prior to, during and since the time of the emancipation proclamation, but have simultaneously been the least assertive about what they have done. We have our backs in the corner when we should be leading the charge and the conversation because our ideas work.

Gender Roles Evolving in Bosnia GroundReport …Davorka Vrgoc, a 50-year old single mother of six, spends her days scouring the Bosnian countryside for landmines left over from the war.

Mine clearance is not something Vrgoc could ever have imagined herself doing. But as she puts it, “Life has forced me to look for any kind of job.” This unusual work would at one time been deemed totally unsuitable for a woman.

Although the socialist Yugoslav state proclaimed sexual equality, it was common for fathers and husbands to forbid their wives and daughters to do certain types of work

These days, feminist activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, say gender roles are evolving.

“With the disappearance of an ideology that imposed an official view of the world, new opportunities have appeared for various forms of female activism which didn’t exist under socialism,” explained Zlatiborka Popov-Momcinovic, a feminist activist and sociologist.

Some women have found their role in society utterly transformed.

Media Not Reporting Gender Issues – LMC, IREX Report Revealed Conflict and peace stories, politics and government stories are mostly covered by the media institutions, while topics such as Gender Issues and people’s …

Call for gender balance on political conference platforms The Guardian Call for gender balance on political conference platforms … To ensure that conferences are a vibrant and democratic forum for political engagement, we are …

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