Gender and Politics in the media

Putting Women in Their Place: Around the Negotiating Table. The ‘Pink Sari Revolution’.

Anhui Women More Politically Active, Living Longer Women of China The conclusions came from a report on Anhui women’s development in 2012 … for 28.8 percent of the delegates to the 12th Anhui Provincial People’s Congress …

The cover the book “Pink Sari Revolution” Amana Fontanella-Khan

The ‘Pink Sari Revolution’ Wall Street Journal …The Wall Street Journal: The Pink Gang: Who are they? And why do they wear pink saris?Amana Fontanella-Khan: The Pink Gang are an all-women vigilante organization based in Bundelkhand, a region in [the northern state of ] Uttar Pradesh known as the badlands of India. They fight for the rights of women, the lower castes and the poor. Their trademark is their pink sari uniform, which they wear to be easily recognizable and to foster a sense of unity among members. They chose pink because, unlike most other colors, it had not been appropriated by either a political or a religious group.

WSJ: Why do you think it’s important to tell their story?

Ms. Fontanella-Khan: Often, the rhetoric around abused women is defined by their perceived powerlessness. This narrative reinforces the idea that women are passive, helpless people upon whom men impose their will. We need stories that recognize the agency of women and their ability to shape their lives and impact society. The Pink Gang reminds us that, through unity, power is within the reach of all women, no matter what their background.

Bhutan faces invisible gender gap Livemint Of the 72 MPs elected in last month’s elections, only five are women—down from 10 in the country’s first general election. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Indian origin woman in NZ local government polls fray Zee News Indian origin woman in NZ local government polls fray Wellington: An Indian origin woman is in with a chance to become the first Muslim woman to be elected to …

Why Are Women Still Not Taken Seriously? Huffington Post Canada The issues women are facing in our society are not being taken seriously. We have a government that thinks women’s issues are topics for social teas and the …

Putting Women in Their Place: Around the Negotiating Table Huffington Post The National Action Plan should include a vision for inclusion of diverse representation of women and women’s issues into the policy and decision-making …

Post election Iran should remove all past ‘obstacles’ against women … WNN – Women News Network A high-level circle of Iranian women advocates and women’s rights activists come together to speak about the problems of the old Iran and their hopes for new …

Women Power in Political Parties…..Will this help in … 10 min Women in Political Scenario of Maharashtra are taking the front seat….

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