Gender and Politics in the media

Phil: Bill seeks to penalize same-sex adultery. US: Men Caring for Babies! The Horror! Pk: ‘Body and gender are 2 separate things’

‘Body and gender are two separate things’ The Friday Times The candidacy of the transgender, Bindiya Rana, for the Provincial Assembly in the southern city of Karachi put the spotlight once again on the transgender community after the formal recognition in 2009 by the Supreme Court of Pakistan of transgenders as a third sex. What followed are new ID-cards with the recognition of their new status and all the civil rights that come with it.

The battles on high politics can only be fought if there is a strong base of grassroots organizations that support political reform from the bottom up. In fact, despite this formal recognition from the state, the implementations of the new norms are struggling to happen for the umpteenth time. In fact the majority of the problems are in public offices that are supposed to release the new ID cards but sometimes do not comply with the duties of their public mandate and, once again, make things very difficult for transgenders.

My husband’s paramour: Bill seeks to penalize same-sex adultery ABS CBN News MANILA – Albay Rep. Grex Lagman has filed a bill holding a person liable for adultery if they engage in sexual relations with a married person including that of the same sex.

Lagman filed House Bill 02353 amending Article 333 of the Revised Penal Code that governs adultery.

He said the current Penal Code imposes no penalty for when a married man has sexual relations with another man or a married woman has sexual relations with another woman.

Men Caring for Babies! The Horror! Visions from the Early 20th … The Atlantic Riffling through old suffragette postcards earlier this week, I was struck by the images of men used by opponents of the movement. They showed how the contested social territory of the aughts and teens of the young 20th century remains contested ground even 100 years or more later. Giving women the vote was fraught with social peril, these images suggest, for women’s formal emancipation might upend gender relationships so much that it would lead to men also taking on womanly tasks, such as caring for babies or doing the laundry. The horror!

The “Suffragette Madonna” was a popular though gentle image among those who questioned the movement for women’s voting rights in America, according to Kenneth Florey, who maintains the Woman Suffrage Memorabilia site….

“Most of these images are caricatures about how men will be feminized,” observed Margaret Finnegan, author of Selling Suffrage: Consumer Culture and Votes for Women.

“A lot of these images played on this tensions that men and women were feeling in the age of the new role,” she said….”I think what you’re seeing again in an image like that is a complete inversion of gender roles,” said Finnegan. “It’s sort of suggesting that women aren’t doing the traditional roles that they should be, that they are being selfish actually…now he can’t even do the things he is expected to do because of her selfishness. I read this as him being really emasculated…. Surely if they can vote and they can be active in politics then men are going to be taking care of babies!”

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