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UK: David Cameron, it’s time to promote some ‘rebellious women’. British police hold man over Twitter abuse of women.

Newport woman selected to fight Euro elections for Labour in Wales South Wales Argus AN ASPIRING Newport politician is celebrating after beating the ex-wife of Ron Davies in a Labour battle over the party’s list for the European elections.

Jayne Bryant won 66 per cent of the vote in a ballot of Welsh Labour party members, making her second in the Labour line up for next year’s poll and giving her a good chance of being elected as an MEP.

Newport West MP Paul Flynn has hailed the win as proof of the strength of the grassroots, with Ms Bryant’s opponent Christina Rees having had the backing of major Labour party figures including Peter Hain, Alun Michael and Rhodri Morgan.

British police hold man over Twitter abuse of women GlobalPost British police said on Wednesday they had arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with threats made on Twitter against a woman lawmaker and a feminist campaigner.

Stella Creasy, from the opposition Labour party, has received threats culminating in a tweet of a picture showing a masked man brandishing a knife, and while Caroline Criado-Perez received rape threats.

David Cameron, it’s time to promote some ‘rebellious women’ into … Cameron, please don’t create tokenistic ‘jobs for the girls’ in the forthcoming reshuffle – you need strong, interesting backbenchers like Priti Patel and Andrea Leadsom, argues Cathy Newman in an open letter to the Prime Minister.

Dear Prime Minister,

You wisely called off a mini-reshuffle before jetting off to Portugal. A little sunshine, Madeira and chillaxing is just what you need to make sure that when you come back you don’t make a hash of it like you did last time.

Last month you said you had a “much bigger talent pool” to draw on. And it is true that whereas your predecessors only had 17 women MPs to choose from, you’ve now got the pick of 48. But as you freely admit, far more needs to be done. And I’m sure you don’t need reminding that only four women are full members of the cabinet.

Florida schoolgirl Jessica Laney died after she was called a ‘slut … Daily Mail David Cameron was today urged to take action against because five teenagers have killed themselves in the past year after they suffered abhorrent abuse on the website.

Hannah Smith hanged herself on Friday after anonymous trolls urged her to ‘drink bleach’, ‘get cancer’ and ‘go die’, and her father Dave Smith has now begged the Prime Minister to have the social network banned.

14-year-old Hannah, from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, is now the fifth child from Britain, Ireland and the United States to have killed themselves in the past 12 months after being tormented on

Child protection experts have called it a global forum where users ‘face a daily barrage of online abuse, death threats and harassment’.


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