Gender and Politics in the media

A “gender jehad” to seek justice for women. Slowly, Surely Iraqi Women Increase Visibility

March 18, 2005: Amina Wadud (right) leads both men and women in prayer at Synod House at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. DON EMMERT/AFP

Fetters on freedom Frontline AMINA WADUD, the celebrated United States-based scholar of Islamic Studies, who is waging a “gender jehad” to seek justice for women within the global Islamic community, is a person feeling deeply offended today.

Similar is the state of mind of a group of intellectuals and scholars of Islam and students who were looking forward to listen to her special lecture on vital issues relating to “Islam, gender and reforms”, a topic of high relevance in Tamil Nadu which of late is witnessing increasing activism against gender disparity within the faith.

The reason: a phone call, followed by a message from the Chennai Police a day prior to the programme on July 29 asking the organisers, the Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed (JBAS) Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Madras, to cancel it.

Gender equality: Are quotas being ‘side tracked’? Presseurop (English) It includes Denmark and Sweden, the countries with the best results in terms of gender equality without having to adopt quotas, but also the Netherlands, Estonia …

MPs tout 50pc women representation in Katiba Daily News THE new constitution should address the issue of 50 per cent representation for women at all levels of decision-making bodies in the country. The call was …

Few female senators not issue Trinidad Guardian “It is time women lobby at the political-party level to ensure that they have an equal opportunity to be represented in Parliament through the elections process.”.

The representation impasse: accounting for Egyptian women in the … Open Democracy To move towards a more accurate account, it is imperative that we dissolve the binaries of tradition and modernity, relativism and universalism that these…

A woman applies lipstick at a beauty parlor in Baghdad Sept. 21, 2011. (photo by REUTERS) Read more:

Slowly, Surely Iraqi Women Increase Visibility, Ro… Al-Monitor Iraqi society has witnessed a growth in the role of women, who are joining fields of work that were once limited to men and beginning to wear a more modern form of hijab, distinguished by the way it is worn and by its unique colors. Iraqi women — both Muslims and non-Muslims — were known for decades for wearing traditional black cloaks.

Despite rigorous calls by religious parties and conservative groups, media, social and even economic openness to the world — as well as Iraqi women’s will to live by their own beliefs — have caused women’s activities and projects to flourish. These include beauty salons, women’s massage parlors and gyms, casinos, shops and businesses that are either owned by women or employ them. The steady increase in the number of female university students is one of biggest the signs of the growing role of women in Iraqi society.

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