Gender and Politics in the media

World: Major gender gap in Russian politics. Costa Rica top for women’s rights in Americas. New boss set to give party women’s touch.

New boss set to give party women’s touch Hong Kong Standard People Power’s newly elected chairwoman is confident she can build a team of “women soldiers” to take to the streets and give a new look to the male-dominated political party.

Admitting she is less politically experienced than her colleagues, Erica Yuen Mi-ming said her young female image, however, will help the radical group attract the attention of women.

“People Power has always been seen as a political group with many middle-aged men. A lot of women were afraid to join us, even though they voted for us in elections,” said Yuen, 32.

“It’s time to target our female supporters.”

Major gender gap in Russian politics RBTH Asia Russia is known for being a patriarchal country, but despite considerable barriers, some women leaders have managed to reach high levels in the political hierarchy.

Women make up only 13 percent of deputies in the Russian State Duma (61 seats out of 450, following the 2012 national elections), and at the federal level, their representation is even lower – at 6 percent.

In 2012, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Russian was ranked 96 – as one of the bottom countries in terms of women’s participation in politics and decision-making processes, along with Somalia and Swaziland – with only 13 female senators out of a total of 163.

Costa Rica tops list for women’s rights in the Americas, but report … Tico Times A new report on social inclusion in the Americas shows “troubling” developments in Costa Rica, according to Americas Quarterly, a publication focused on public policy in Latin America.

Despite its concerns about the rising rates of violence and the growing presence of drug trafficking in the peaceful country, AQ rated Costa Rica as the 4th most socially inclusive country in the Americas, lead by Uruguay, Chile and the United States.

Brown, Cudjoe: Why no women among independent senators? Trinidad News She said she believes the configuration of the Senate as a whole should be considered as it relates to female representation. Drayton noted that out of 15 …

Constitution and women Times of Swaziland She was disqualified by the presiding officer who said women dressed like her … Election processes are supposed to be free and fair and in other countries this …

Running for local office, Arab women face hostile society Ynetnews “There were several attempts by village women who wanted to contend in the elections, but were stopped by a brother, a husband or a cousin, which turned the …

Planning a comeback: ANP focuses on women voters for by-polls The Express Tribune “Unlike past elections of 2002 and 2008, a large number of female voters were inspired by the slogan of change and came out to vote. But their hopes were …

Empowering women in Afghanistan Phys.Org All told, the project “speaks to the broader role of the effects of development aid on women’s issues, particularly in other places that have rigid social and …

Women’s rights in Afghanistan: Uneven and fragile gains Devex Events that feature male and female college students debating with and against each other are a common part of university life in many countries, but not in …

Future uncertain for Afghan women Peninsula On-line She is one of a few women in conservative, male-dominated Afghanistan to set up and run a relatively big company — in the mountainous eastern war zone.

Grass-roots governance: ‘Non-Muslims, women, peasants should … The Express Tribune Rights activist Tahira Abdullah condemned some sections of the draft, saying that women should be given general seats instead of reserved seats, which is their …

Punjab Women Commission favours teaching of women’s rights in … Times of India CHANDIGARH: The Punjab Women Commission favours training of women in self-defence and teaching them about their rights in schools and colleges.

Mizoram women seek representation at legislatures Mizo News “Like a house without a woman is incomplete, the government machinery is also incomplete without women,” the commission said in a statement on Thursday …

Women square up for battle royale Times of India For the 49-year-old computer engineer, the first woman from the Gowda clan in politics, this is bound … “It’s by chance she got the opportunity to contest the polls.

Push for gender mainstreaming Jamaica Observer “In business and politics, great strides have been made, even though many of our … without gender-mainstreaming policies had lower productivity and that those …

Poll: most Egyptians satisfied with female representation in cabinet Daily News Egypt Approximately 18% of respondents in urban governorates believed that women needed better representation, in contrast with 12% in Lower Egypt and 19% in …

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