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US: Clinton leading gender revolution. Women versus political sleaze. GOP’s Reaction to the War on Women.

In New York mayor race, lesbian candidate struggles to win … Reuters At Cubbyhole, a popular New York lesbian bar, for every two revelers who praised City Council speaker, Christine Quinn, in her race to become the city’s first woman and first openly gay mayor, one complained about her style and political policies.

“Just because she’s a lesbian, it doesn’t mean I’ll vote for her,” said Veronica Gonzales, 32, who works for a non-profit organization. “She is not socially liberal enough, and she has this air about her like she is above it all – like she is above us.”

Reshma Saujani who is running in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House of Representatives. Marcus Santos.

Saujani and New York women versus political sleaze New York Daily News Women should run this town.

That’s the argument public advocate candidate Reshma Saujani is making in an appeal to female voters that she’s launching Monday.

The campaign, called “Up to Us,” will encourage women to vote against four men who have behaved badly — mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, controller candidate Eliot Spitzer and two Democrats running for City Council, Vito Lopez and Micah Kellner.

EJ Dionne Jr.: Clinton leading gender revolution Omaha World-Herald  American politics has gone through a gender revolution that has barely been noticed.

Take the discussions of the 2016 presidential election which, as a matter of habit, we have begun even before the end of the first year of the current president’s second term.

What’s obvious to everyone is that Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming Democratic favorite, if she decides to get in. Just last month, a Public Policy Poll in Iowa found Clinton supported by 71 percent, with 12 percent going to Vice President Joe Biden, and the other alternatives trailing badly. Recall that it was her loss in Iowa to Barack Obama that ended her front-runner status in 2008 and set Obama on his path to victory.

The difference between then and 2016 is that there is a yearning across the range of Democratic opinion for Clinton’s candidacy. The last time, she had to persuade the party. This time, the party wants to persuade her.

For Dem women, it’s Hillary or bust The Hill  If Hillary Clinton does not shatter the glass ceiling for women and win the White House in 2016, who will? [WATCH VIDEO]

It is a question that bubbles just under the surface in conversations with many Democratic women.

They are deeply invested in the idea of a Clinton run for the presidency. They are also painfully aware that no other female politician on the horizon is of comparable stature.

“I really can’t imagine a scenario at this moment where she doesn’t run,” Democratic strategist and commentator Zerlina Maxwell said. “I can’t think of another candidate on the Democratic side who would get as much feminist energy behind them.”

Staten Island GOP candidate Lisa Giovinazzo meets with grassroots … Liza Giovinazzo couldn’t ask for more: local women coming out to support a political candidate that supports women and women’s issues, families, successful careers and giving women a greater voice in government.

That was the goal behind Women for Lisa Giovinazzo. The organization met Thursday night in the office of Dr. Anne Stilwell, who along with Deborah Alvarez, serve as co-chairs of the grassroots organization.

In Los Angeles, Women Hold Few Elected Posts, Reflecting Wider … New York Times (blog) There are 1.9 million women in Los Angeles. The two senators from California are women, as is the state’s attorney general.

But this city, a bastion of progressive politics, has a curious distinction these days. Only one woman holds elective office in the entire government of Los Angeles, a member of the 15-person City Council from the San Fernando Valley who was sworn in only on Friday.

The mayor is a man, Eric M. Garcetti, who defeated a woman, Wendy Greuel, for the job in May. The city attorney is a man. The city controller? You guessed it.

Los Angeles County, with a population of 9.9 million that includes Los Angeles, has just one woman on its five-member Board of Supervisors. And the race to fill the City Council seat for Hollywood, which Mr. Garcetti vacated when he was elected mayor, gave voters a choice of 12 candidates — all men.

The GOP’s Totally Reactive Reaction to the War on Women The Atlantic Five different Republican committees this morning released a joint memo pushing back on the “Democrats’ War on Women” messaging to highlight the sex scandals of a group of Democratic men and argue that Democrats are hypocrites who only care about women when it is politically convenient.

It’s a fine message as far as it goes, which is as a kind of a summer doldrums GOP base-riling play, reminding Republican women that there are a bunch of Democratic men out there who they — and others! — think are creeps. But the memo did not lay out a message the GOP can build a 2014 campaign around, because it’s not a real prescription to reach women, and it doesn’t involve anyone who’s even going to be on a ballot that fall.

Larry Summers: Two Women’s Perspective Huffington Post Over the past few weeks, we’ve read and heard a number of unfair and untrue attacks on Larry Summers. Because Larry cannot be discredited for his economic expertise, his political opponents have taken a comment he made eight years ago out of context to allege that he does not believe in the potential of women. Those of us who’ve actually worked with Larry know that nothing is further from the truth. As Supreme Court Justice Kagan once remarked, Larry has gotten a “bum rap” with regards to women, “as quite a few of us are women and have relished working with him.” We are two such women, and given our personal experiences, we feel compelled to respond to these false attacks against Larry.

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