Gender and Politics in the media

The “f” word. Gender equality: Men held back by hidden bias.

FeminismThe “f” word BlogHer (blog) I’ve struggled with writing this post today because I struggle with interpreting feminism through the complexity of the movement. At times, I don’t understand women who say, as women, that they aren’t into the “feminist thing.” Yet, I can’t be upset with them because at one time I was one of those women. I think people who view the “f” word negatively do so because they relate it to past events or just to topics such as abortion, but in actuality the feminist movement is so much more.

Women in Politics Just Can’t Catch a Break — Even in Made-For-TV … PolicyMic NBC announced this past weekend it will launch a four-hour mini-series on Hillary Clinton starring Diane Lane (Unfaithful) in the lead role. Media coverage has centered primarily on whether or not a series focused on a potential 2016 presidential candidate runs afoul of campaign finance restrictions and “equal time” laws. Yet, predictably, there are those few articles that focus instead on the physical appearance of Hillary Clinton, and even one from Anna Brand at The Daily Beast that asks the insulting question of whether or not Diane Lane is “too sexy” to portray the former first lady. This sort of reporting is insulting to all involved.

Gender equality: Men held back by hidden bias Human Capital Magazine In order to achieve a work-life balance, many Australian workplaces urge employees to adopt flexible working arrangements. However, research by The 100% Project found unconscious bias prevents men from accessing flexible working arrangements.

Both men and women respondents stated they felt their careers may suffer if they asked for flexible working arrangements. Many also perceived flexible arrangements as appropriate only for women, stopping men from accessing them.

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