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UK: Twitter tells Sky News what it’s doing about online abuse. 6% drop in students accepting uni places.

Ms Criado-Perez was sent sickening abuse nearly every minute for 48 hours

Twitter Admits Failing Rape Threat Women Sky News Twitter has broken its silence over a growing row about abuse on the social media site, telling Sky News it has failed women who have faced rape threats.

Twitter’s head of safety, Del Harvey, said: “I think that any time that someone feels we weren’t responsive, or weren’t reactive or we didn’t care then, yes, we failed in that instance and we need to do better.

“And that’s something that we have definitely had highlighted in terms of the need to educate people about what we’ve done and to get feedback on what we need to do better.”

A series of rape and death threats were made against feminist campaigner, Caroline Criado-Perez, and the MP Stella Creasy, in recent days.

Neville-Rolfe: ‘I can be an example to other women‘ It is understood that the Prime Minister is ready to use a Government reshuffle to promote a number of promising female Conservatives who first became MPs at 

Doreen Lawrence peerage confirmed The Independent Five of 10 new Liberal Democrat peers are women. Among their ranks are Olly Grender, the party’s former director of communications, and Alison Suttie, the …

14 new Conservative Working Peers announced Conservative Home (blog) Lady (Fiona) Hodgson – a senior figure in the voluntary party, including the Conservative Women’s Organisation, she has long studied efforts around the world 

Should Rape Porn Be Banned? The American Prospect Last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to make it a criminal offense to own or view pornography that simulates rape. It’s already …

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Margaret Thatcher’ Washington Times Before the Reagan Revolution came the rise of Margaret Thatcher. The improbable story is well told by journalist Charles Moore in “Margaret Thatcher: From Grantham to the Falklands.”

The book is a fine read, though the extraordinary detail, while always illuminating, is sometimes excruciating. This, the first of two volumes, alone comes in at 859 pages.

Margaret Roberts was the younger of two daughters of a middle-class grocer. Her most important personal decision was to marry Denis Thatcher, an older businessman, with whom she had two children.

Drop in number of students accepting university places Despite David Cameron’s pledges that no young person should be put off further education by the £9,000 fee cap, the number of UCAS acceptances fell from 492,030 in 2011-12 to 464,910 in 2012-13 – a drop of 6 per cent – according to data released by the Higher Education Funding Council this week.

…This is the first year the data released by the HEFC has been broken down by gender, ethnicity and student background.

It showed that the overall number of undergraduates who come from areas with traditionally low participation in further education has increased by eight per cent over the last year, while those from schools that have sent more students to university in the past has risen by five per cent.

And the number of black and minority ethnic students has risen by six per cent over the same time period, compared with four per cent for white undergraduates.

Abuse: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said using Twitter was not an excuse for ‘grotesque’ behaviour.

Clegg backs police rounding up ‘offensive, grotesque’ web trolls … Daily Mail Nick Clegg today backed a police operation to arrest Twitter trolls who have posted vile abuse and threats of rape.

The Deputy Prime Minister said arrests this week ‘sent out a signal’ that using online messaging is not an excuse for ‘totally unacceptable behaviour’.

Mr Clegg warned: ‘Just because you tweet something doesn’t mean you can start behaving in a grotesque, offensive, abusive and sometimes criminal way.’

He spoke out after it emerged internet trolls have been targeting female Cabinet ministers with threats of rape on video website YouTube.

Where is Labour? (blog) …The online porn proposals are tailored to appeal to women voters, a group the Tories increasingly struggle with. Changes to child benefit, tax credits, the NHS and childcare handed Labour a 26-point lead over the Tories among women in February, compared to just seven points for men. Tory HQ took note and put a date in the diary. Cameron’s speech won as much coverage as he could expect and triggered a national debate. He backed it up with a soft-focus ‘I dote on my children’ interview with women’s magazine Grazia today.

An equal right to fight ‘gender agenda’ Scotsman An equal right to fight ‘gender agenda’ … chance of achieving it with his vacuous nonsense on “gender equality being enshrined in all golf clubs in Scotland”.

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