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US: Are cowards are pushing women into combat? Why Do So Many Politicians Try to “Mansplain” Women’s Issues?

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Women Lobbyists May Be Worth More National Journal While it’s no secret that men outnumber women in Washington’s lobbying corps, individual lobbying contracts held by women are worth more on average than those held by men, according to an analysis of lobbying disclosures by LegiStorm.

The average contract between a client and a single female lobbyist was worth more than a contract between a client and a single male lobbyist in 2002, 2007, and 2012, the years analyzed by LegiStorm, a nonpartisan group that provides information on Congress. Moreover, a two-woman team held contracts with a greater average worth than those held by a two-man team, and contracts with a mixed-gender team tended to be worth more than contacts held by two men.

Women’s Agenda Features Work-Family Balance Issues NPR Democrats and Republicans both tried to gain ground with women this week. Republicans launched an initiative to recruit female candidates for office. House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, introduced an economic agenda for women and children. It’s a series of bills aimed at achieving equal pay, increasing the federal minimum wage, access to childcare and early childhood education; something President Obama has long sought. Sixteen months before the next congressional election, Congresswoman Pelosi says House Democrats hope to raise enough public support to force Congress to make a move.

The GOP misunderstands the ‘war on women’ Washington Post (blog) You can’t say Republicans lack for chutzpah. The cynical right-wing message-men have come up with a new insult to our intelligence – and to millions of US women. As Buzzfeed reported Friday, Republicans are now spinning a series of scandals to try to prove the Democrats are the party with the real “War on Women.” That’s just silly, and they know it….Two months ago, Kristen Anderson, the former communications director for the Iowa Senate Republicans, announced she’d be filing a civil rights complaint after a firing she charged constituted retaliation for speaking up about a “sexually hostile work environment.” Anderson told the Des Moines Register she’d complained about men making comments about women’s bodies and sexual orientation, and that it cost her her job. Where’s the Republican outrage over that? Don’t hold your breath.

Why Do So Many Politicians Try to “Mansplain” Women’s Issues? PolicyMic There’s been a lot of federal-level mansplaining happening recently but David Cross and Amber Tamblyn are having none of it.

The couple’s amazing PSA mocks the prolific Todd Akin-esque rhetoric of late that has been the foundation of a growing movement against reproductive rights by folks who know little to nothing about our lady parts.

The video manages to provide comic relief to a polarizing topic without mitigating its importance and leaves us with one question in mind: Why there are so many ‘gyntocians’ in politics?

How cowards are pushing women into combat Fox News Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis on the potential deadly consequences of pushing women into serving on the front lines.

Sending our daughters to war Washington Times This radical policy change erases the boundaries of sex and normalizes the exposure of women to lethal violence. Meet the real “war on women.”.

Sexual Assault: Women in Congress, Military Argue for Restraint (blog) Senators Kelly Ayotte (R–NH) and Claire McCaskill (D–MO) and a number of retired female military officers recently urged restraint in changing the military 

Fox Provides Platform For Misleading Attack On Women In Combat Media Matters for America Fox guest Robert Maginnis baselessly speculated that allowing women in combat occupations would lower military standards, contradicting research that shows the decision will not degrade the combat effectiveness of the military.

In January 2013 Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey signed an order rescinding the exclusion of women from ground combat explaining “[f]or occupational specialties open to women, the occupational performance standards must be gender-neutral.”

In a July 29 Washington Times op-ed Lt. Col. (ret) Robert Maginnis claimed that incorporating women into the armed forces combat units is the “real ‘war on women.'”  Maginnis further claimed that the “decision to put women in combat bespeaks our deep confusion over manhood and womanhood.” The op-ed included an image of a silhouette of a woman in a camouflaged dress riddled in bullets…

GOP attacks its female deficit in Congress CNN (blog)  If you’re a Republican woman, the GOP wants you. To run for Congress, that is. The Grand Old Party holds a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. Yet of 234 Republican members, only 19 are women.

In an effort to boost that number, the House Republican campaign committee is launching “Project GROW,” a program largely led by the party’s female members designed to bring more women into the fold.

CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash spoke exclusively with three sitting House Republican female members spearheading the effort, and one GOP woman hoping to score a House seat.

To a person, they recognize that at the very least, Republicans have an image problem– especially after studying the results of the 2012 election.

GOP Aims To Put Women In Office The GOP has tried to bolster the number of women on Capitol Hill, as well. This week, the National Republican Committee launched Project Grow. It’s aimed at recruiting, mentoring, and electing more Republican women into office – federal, state and local. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, of Tennessee’s 7th District, joins us from City Hall in Fairview, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

Men, women differ on Walker performance Janesville Gazette The newest Marquette University Law School poll noted a gender gap in support for Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who will seek a second term next year. Specifically, the July Law School survey found:

— Fifty-four percent of men who responded approved of Walker’s on-the-job performance, and 39 percent of them disapproved—a gap of 15 points.

— Among women respondents, 43 percent supported Walker and 52 percent did not—a gap of 9 points.

Because Walker’s overall approval rating was only 48 percent, with 46 percent disapproving, it is tempting—and too easy—to conclude that those numbers suggest that women voters could decide whether the 46-year-old Republican governor wins a second term in November 2014. After all, women cast about 52 percent or 53 percent of votes statewide, estimated Marquette Law pollster and professor Charles Franklin.

Why Are Unmarried Women Less Likely To Vote? Huffington Post Live (Video) Unmarried women are less engaged and less likely to vote in 2014 than the general population, according to a recent survey. Why are single ladies skipping the polls, and how can we get them to the voting booth?

Why Do Reporters Keep Falling for These Sex Scandal “Polls” from … Slate Magazine (blog) “National Poll: 78% of Younger Women Love Weiner,” the pitch email read. Quinnipiac this ain’t. The poll was conducted by, the …

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