Gender and Politics in the media

Gender Equality in Islam Academic Barred From Indian Uni at Police Request. Food security and gender equality. The broken dialogue on men’s rights.

Gender equality, still a farfetched dream for women Pakistan Daily Times Gender equality, still a farfetched dream for women … most disturbed, victimised segment will have to spearhead the movement of ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’.

Gender and Sexual Equality Remain Out of Reach New York Times South Africa’s 1996 Constitution enshrined equality for women and outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and might have heralded dramatic …

Linking food security with gender equality Business Recorder Gender equality remains elusive in most parts of developing Asia, and women and girls face immense constraints and inequalities, which the study terms critical …

A Muslim boy reads the Quran at a mosque in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, July 30. Mohd Rasfan/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

U.S. Academic Barred From Indian University at Police Request Wall Street Journal An American academic, who argues for gender equality in Islam, was prevented from addressing students at a university in India after an intervention by police, according to the organizer of the event….

Police officers from the local station in Triplicane in Chennai told him that he would have to deal with the consequences of any disturbance, Mr. Rahiman said.

“They feared a law and order issue,” Mr. Rahiman said. “I informed the university and they didn’t want to take a risk. But the question I ask is whether academics inside a university can be guided by elements outside of the university?”

“Instead of asking the university to cancel [the event] the police should have provided security,” Mr. Rahiman said.

Does gender equality risk national security? Fox News If you have — one side people calling for equality on the other side people saying now we’ve got to maintain our fighting — there are differences between men …

The broken dialogue on men’s rights Boston Globe Never mind the “war on women:” According to growing numbers of bloggers, activists, and authors — some of them women — it’s males in modern Western society who are under siege and whose rights need defending. Is this the next frontier for gender justice, or a woman-hating backlash? Men’s advocacy raises important and worthy issues that often draw unfair ridicule. Unfortunately, it is also prone to toxic rhetoric that subverts its valid points and alienates potential supporters.

To many, the very notion of “men’s issues” or men’s rights seems laughable. But consider: If women were dying in 90 percent of workplace fatalities and three out of four suicides, would we not see such numbers as troubling—and as legitimate women’s issues? Yet, reversed, the disparities go unnoticed.

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