Gender and Politics in the media

Westernization: A Women’s Rights Paradox. Iraqi radio station for women’s issues faces possible closure.

Foundation being created to help protect women and kids from … Herald Sun A FOUNDATION will be established in Melbourne to develop prevention strategies to protect women and children from violence. The foundation will be chaired by former Democrats leader Natasha Stott Despoja.

The Victorian and federal governments have contributed about $9.5 million to get the foundation off the ground and pay its operating costs until 2017. It will be launched in Melbourne today at an event to be attended by women’s support agencies and Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, among others.

Many reasons women stay despite abuse The Record (New Westminster) A recent survey by the Canadian Women’s Foundation reports not having a safe place to go is the number 1 reason why women stay in abusive relationships. But New Westminster officer and domestic violence unit detective, Shari Gulliver, says that’s only part of the issue.

“I think that it’s reasonably accurate, but I think it’s a small part of a much larger picture,” she says. “There are a lot of reasons (why) women stay in abusive relationships.” The survey indicates that along with no safe place to go, women also stay with abusive partners because of children that may be involved or economic dependency. “(These) are definitely some reasons why, but (the survey) didn’t touch on some of the cultural issues, the fear of police, fear of reporting,” she says.

Zimbabwe’s Women Say They Still Lag Behind in Political Arena Voice of America That translates to gender equality. We know we have the 60 seats reserved in parliament [under the new constitution] but that was never what we were looking …


Our media portrays the most sexist parts of Western culture (Francesca Bessey, Neon Tommy)

Westernization: A Women’s Rights Paradox Neon Tommy Often, when I gripe about Western cultural imperialism, people respond with something I hold very dear: Women’s rights.

“But you’re a feminist! Don’t you think Westernization is good for women?” Well, yes and no.

While Western culture tends to be one of the better options for those of us women who live in the West, it has become increasingly apparent to me in my travels abroad that the spread of Western culture in non-Western countries works largely in sexism’s favor. Why?

Because the aspects of our culture that most readily disseminate across the globe are those represented in popular media. And in Western popular media, sexism is unfortunately alive and well.

Female jirga head flays ‘flawed’ legal system The Nation Swat female jirga Head Tabassum Adnan said that now no woman would be left at the mercy of males and their Jirgas which “make woman a scapegoat”, and added that the new jirga’s purpose was to protect women’s rights under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Bushra Al-Ameen is prepared to fight for her radio station at all costs

Media harassment increases in Iraq Deutsche Welle Radio Al-Mahaba was established in 2005 with financial support from the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). At the station, 20 female and male journalists from Bagdad report on a wide range of topics, such as family, marriage, divorce and sexual abuse. Sometimes their reporting covers current political debates, such as the discussion about the Iraqi constitution, but always from a women’s perspective.

The station, however, has fallen into disfavor with conservative circles in Iraq because of its commitment to equal rights between men and women.

Station director Bushra Al-Ameen expects it to be shut down at any time. In 2011, Iraqi security forces searched the station, allegedly because of “unpaid fees.”

The dilemma for female Jakarta Post This is certainly good news for women hoping to run for seats in the upcoming legislative election, as the ruling has reinforced the role of women in public policy …

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