Gender and Politics in the media

The Burka Avenger: Meet Pakistan’s new superhero. Is rape worse than murder? Time to establish black studies in the UK?

On the rise: Pakistani superhero the Burka Avenger (Picture: AP)

The Burka Avenger: Meet Pakistan’s new superhero championing …
Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai has a new ally in her fight for women’s rights around the world. Meet the Burka Avenger, a Pakistani crime fighter who has joined Wonder Woman and Catwoman in the pantheon of female superheroes. A mild-mannered teacher with secret martial arts skills, the Avenger uses a flowing black burka to hide her identity as she fights local thugs seeking to shut down the girls’ school where she works.

The heroine is the star of a new animated cartoon series set to air on Geo TV in early August alongside the launch of a new iPhone app. Creator Aaron Haroon Rashid, one of Pakistan’s biggest pop stars, created the series as a way to emphasise the importance of girls’ education and other issues.

Grassroots Tories Have Differing Views On Female MPs To David … Huffington Post UK In the eyes of the public, a continuing image problem suffered by the Conservative Party is the glaring lack of female MPs – only 48 out of 304. But this doesn’t seem to bother almost half of grassroots Tories. A poll has revealed 46% of them either don’t care or think it is ‘about right’ that only 16% of MPs are women.

Just over half of members (52%) said they would like to see more. The views of the grassroots would appear to be out of sync with the leadership as only yesterday David Cameron indicated he may promote more women to ministerial roles.

Harriet Harman to newspapers: ‘how many women over 50 do you … The Guardian Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour party, has written to the editors of Britain’s national newspapers to ask them to publish the number of women …

Jane Austen to be face of the Bank of England £10 note BBC News The decision to replace Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note prompted protests and discussions about female representation on banknotes, but Jane Austen was …

Race equality in academia: time to establish black studies in the UK? The Guardian If the same vigour and commitment that drive gender equality in higher education were directed towards race equality then better progress could be made in addressing the institutionalised racism that pervades the higher education sector.

While women now account for 44% of all academics within UK universities (2011/12 HESA Staff Record) , the percentage of black academics (combining black Caribbean, black African and black other) stands at just 12.5%.

Is rape worse than murder? Times of Malta (blog) (Registration req’d) This week, David Cameron declared that he would be doing everything in his power … Cameron also wants Google and other search engines to take the role of …

Should accessing ‘rape pornography’ be restricted by law? The Guardian It is with dismay that I see some women’s groups have welcomed David Cameron’s drive against simulated rape in pornography. Rape is not caused by …

MP Joy Smith – Register file photo

MP Joy Smith urges Canada to follow British approach to blocking pornograpy The Catholic Register OTTAWA – Conservative MP Joy Smith has called for Canada to follow Britain’s lead getting Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block pornography in order to protect children.

On July 22, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his government would be requiring ISPs to block pornography sites from all users unless an adult customer specifically requested access.

“I applaud Prime Minister Cameron for his bold approach to work with Internet Service Providers to develop solutions to protect children,” said Smith in a July 23 statement. “In this massive fight against child exploitation and the sexualization of our children, every step we take makes a difference. Eliminating the easy access to pornography by children should be a common sense approach,” said Smith, who has led the fight against human trafficking in Canada.

Women less likely to get flex time, study finds Press Herald Women’s advancement in the workplace has been a hot issue. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer, sparked a national debate when she …

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