Gender and Politics in the media

IRE: Marie Kierans on women in politics. Canada helps women in ME get elected. British monarchy catches up with sex equality.


Former Icelandic prime minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, who was ousted in 2013. Photograph: Bob Strong/Reuters

Iceland isn’t really a paragon of gender equality
The Guardian
…Yet for all their supposed advances in gender equality, Icelandic women are not that different from women elsewhere in the western hemisphere. They are still being slotted into gender-specific professions like nursing and teaching. They struggle to navigate the demands of the labour market while still being largely responsible for home, hearth and children.

There was a reason for that boardroom law, after all. Icelandic women currently make up a paltry 3% of all company board members in the country. And with the boardroom law set to take effect on 1 September this year, it is a little difficult to see how the 40% quota will be achieved. It is also hard to envisage the current government setting stringent measures to enforce the law.

Marie Kierans on women in politics Irish Mirror Much has been made about the efforts being made by the Government to increase female participation in politics. But Enda Kenny and others need to look at how women are treated in the Oireachtas if they really want the number of elected female …

It’s high time that we turned our noses up at snooty senators Irish Independent Female politicians are right to argue that the laddism that prevails in and around the Dáil would be inhibited by the mere presence of more women deputies. Unfortunately, there is no such readymade solution for the ills that afflict the Senate. Like …

Let’s vote on people’s ability, not gender Irish Independent Are we schoolchildren who need to be told it is best to vote for a woman because of men behaving badly, such as senator David Norris shooting from the lip with his “Fannygate” twaddle, or because a woman is pulled on to the lap of an idiot colleague in …

Egyptian women protest in Cairo’s landmark Tahrir Square on July 2, 2013. Canada announced funding to help more women get elected in Middle East and North African nations undertaking democratic reforms. (AFP/File)

Canada helps women in Middle East get elected Fox News “Canada will continue to support the development of women’s leadership skills and increase their active participation in elections so that more qualified women will be elected. These activities will strengthen the voice of women in emerging democracies …

More women must stand if we’re to have change Marlborough Express How would you feel if you lived in an electorate where only a woman could represent you? Or a man? What an utterly sexist, silly way to implement a good idea. In the 2010 Marlborough Local Body Elections, only FIVE of the 31 candidates were women.

British monarchy catches up with sex equality Financial Times Now, more than three decades after these European countries ended the principle of male primogeniture, Britain is finally on the cusp of changing its laws of succession. The historic constitutional change will be pushed through regardless of the gender …

Suffragette’s expat relative fights for voting rights Margaret Hales is a cousin of Dr Helen Pankhurst, who is the great-grand-daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the British suffragettes who helped win the right for women to vote. Almost 100 years since the suffragette movement, Hales is …

Political suffrage and officeholders — Act 1 Scene 6 Stratford Star Historically voting and officeholders were elites’ domain, excluding you! Constitutional suffrage (voting rights) Amendments: 13th (emancipated citizenry); 15th (citizens equal protections); 19th Amendments (women); 26th (age); and 9th (un-enumerated …

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