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US: ‘Tipsy’ or ‘hammered’? How men, women describe drinking. Is It Easier or Harder for Women to Advance in Politics?

From left: Christina Romer, Mary Jo White, Sheila Bair, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Brooksley Born (AP Photos)

Poll: Is It Easier or Harder for Women to Advance in Politics Than It Is for Men?
National Journal

Do you think it’s harder or easier for women to advance in politics than it is for men?

DEMOCRATS (90 VOTES) Harder: 81% Easier: 3% No difference: 16%

REPUBLICANS (80 VOTES) Harder: 44% Easier: 25% No difference: 31%

‘Tipsy’ or ‘hammered’? How men, women describe drinking Appleton Post Crescent Would you describe a woman as “tipsy” but a man as “hammered”? The language you choose is likely to be affected by that person’s gender as well as your own.Women tend to use terms that describe others’ intoxication levels as moderate, such as “buzzed” and “tipsy,” according to a study published online Thursday in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. This was true regardless of the level of intoxication. Men tend to prefer words for heavy intoxication, such as “hammered” and “wasted.”

REPORT: The Sunday Morning Shows Are Still White, Conservative, And Male Media Matters for America

White Men Are The Largest Proportion Of All Guests On The Broadcast Networks And CNN. During the first six months of this year, white men were no less than 58 percent and as high as 66 percent of guests on This WeekFace the NationMeet the PressFox News Sunday, and State of the UnionMelissa Harris-Perry stands out as having a much more even distribution between white men and women and African-American men and women than all other shows.

White Men Overrepresented On The Broadcast Networks And CNN. Compared to U.S. Census data, white men on This WeekFace the NationMeet the Press, and Fox News Sunday are more than twice their proportion of the general population, and CNN’s proportion of white men is just shy of being double. By contrast, MSNBC’s proportions of white men and women and all other men and women are much closer to their proportions in the general population.

How Women Finally Acquired Power in the Senate National Journal They make up one-fifth of the body. It doesn’t look anything like parity (or America), but they believe they can do what the men can’t — namely, get things done. … Onetime “women’s issues” such as health, education, child care, abortion, and pay equity are now prominent on the congressional docket. “If you made a list and flipped back a couple of decades, that list would be an agenda for outside advocacy groups,” says Ruth Mandel, director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers. “Those issues are now inside. And they’re inside because there are women inside.”

Another hallmark of the women is that they have re-created among themselves a bygone world, one in which senators drank together in the offices of their leaders or the Senate secretary; in which their families lived in Washington, and their kids played and went to school together, Democrats and Republicans alike. The women do it in part through their famously private dinners, begun 20 years ago to create what Collins calls a “safe space” for women to talk about their problems and triumphs, their children, their parents, and their passions. Held every couple of months at the Capitol, in restaurants, or at their homes, they are for senators only—no press, no staff, no leaks, and, until recently, no men. That changed in April when President Obama, acting on a suggestion from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., invited them all to dinner at the White House. “We set our sights very high,” Boxer says.

Why the GOP Is Running Into a Political Box Canyon — And Political Marginality Huffington Post Women’s Reproductive Rights. Women constitute more than a majority of the voting electorate and poll after poll shows that women want the right to make their own reproductive choices without interference from predominantly white, male lawmakers. But …

Will the “war on women” rhetoric help Democrats? The Economist Democrats like to describe these measures as part of a Republican “war on women”. As further evidence, they point to foot-dragging from Republicans in Congress over measures aimed at promoting equal pay for women and preventing domestic violence, along with the outlandish comments about sex made by Republican politicians every now and again. Trent Franks, the congressman who sponsored the 20-week limit in the House, argued against an exemption for victims of rape, claiming that the number of rapes that led to pregnancy was “very low”. A colleague, Michael Burgess, suggested that fetuses are already masturbating by 20 weeks—although only male ones.

Filner Admits to Intimidating Women, Says He Needs Help Amid calls for him to resign over allegations of sexual harassment, Mayor Bob Filner admitted Thursday he had mistreated women in his office and apologized for his behavior, saying he had “diminished the office” of mayor.

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