Gender and Politics in the media

World: One Disturbing Chart That Explains Violence Against Women. UK: Drop Sun’s topless Page 3 pics, AMs say

Drop Sun’s topless Page Three pictures, AMs say BBC News Calls for the Sun newspaper to drop topless pictures of women from Page Three have been made by a cross-party group of assembly members. Labour’s Rebecca Evans said “half naked women just aren’t news”. Plaid Cymru’s Lindsay Whittle said the feature …

Tibet to Hold 9th Women’s Congress Women of China The government of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region announced at a recent press conference that the Ninth Tibetan Women’s Congress will be held on July 15, 2013, with 315 women representatives from all walks of life, including religious figures …

Parliament’s gender balance New Zealand Listener What is it about the “woman question” that drives so many pundits and politicians to despair in New Zealand? To call the all-women shortlist a “man ban” shows how clearly many of them see politics as being all about them, men. Thinking about it, when …

One Disturbing Chart That Explains Violence Against Women …All over the planet, almost 40% of homicides of women are committed by a romantic partner. This means that the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with, the person you share your children with, could potentially be a much bigger threat to your life than the man wielding a gun on the street. Unfortunately, just because we live in a first-world country does not mean that we are shielded from this statistic.

London Review of Books marginally improves its female representation Salon Last month, elite publication London Review of Books ran into some trouble when the Guardian a report that showed an appallingly low number of female contributors and writers were represented (nearly zero). After novelist Kathryn Heyman called out the …

Eliot Spritzer and Anthony Wiener: What do their candidacies say about women? Last year’s battle with the GOP over women’s reproductive rights was a hot topic during the presidential election, but two men accused of deviant and sexual acts with women are both running for office in New York on the Democratic ticket.

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