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UK: Hague calls MP Jameson a ‘stupid woman’. Calls for Hague to apologise. Cameron facing revolt from Tory wives over MPs’ pay.

David Cameron makes Wimbledon gaffe in Andy Murray tribute at PMQs BBC News David Cameron has erroneously referred to Andy Murray as “the first British player to win Wimbledon in 77 years”, in a tribute to the Scot at Prime Minister’s Questions. Murray is the first British men’s winner for 77 years but Virginia Wade won the women’s competition in 1977. Her “airbrushing from history” has been the subject of much discussion in the press.

‘Stupid woman!’ Hague under fire for ‘sexist’ PMQs jibe …David Cameron replied: “The donations to the Conservative party do not buy votes in our party conference, they do not buy votes for our leader, they don’t mean you can select candidates. That is the unhealthy relationship in British politics.”

As he did so Hague could be seen twice saying “stupid woman” across the despatch box at the Labour backbencher. His heckle was noticed by other Labour MPs in the chamber including Michael McCann, who tweeted: “Scandalous.”

Donald Macintyre’s Sketch: How David Cameron and William Hague got caught up in a battle of the sexes The Independent David Cameron and William Hague got into similar trouble, but for exactly opposite reasons. If the Foreign Secretary had said “stupid person” or (admittedly a bit of a mouthful for an impromptu sedentary aside) “stupid Honourable Member”, he’d be home free. As the lip reading consensus was that he muttered “stupid woman” while Cameron was answering, or more accurately not answering, a hostile question from Labour’s Cathy Jamieson, he quickly became Twitter villain of the day.

Cameron’s fatal error, by contrast, was to be, er, gender-unspecific. How he must have kicked himself for saying that Andy Murray was the first “player” to win Wimbledon in 77 years. If only he had used the shorter, correct, and in this case utterly uncontroversial “man”. Then Ed Miliband would not have pointed out, unable to contain his glee, that Murray’s triumph was the first since “Virginia Wade’s victory in 1977”.

William Hague calls Labour MP Cathy Jameson a ‘stupid woman’ during Prime … The Independent The Conservatives risk becoming embroiled in another misogyny row after William Hague was seen to mutter “stupid woman” at a female Labour MP during Prime Minister’s Questions. The Foreign Secretary, who was sitting next to David Cameron at the time, was reacting to a question from Cathy Jamieson to the Prime Minister about a donation to the Conservative party. Mr Hague was then seen to mutter “stupid woman” in response to Ms Jamieson’s question.

Criticism: William Hague has been accused of calling Labour MP Cathy Jamieson a ‘stupid woman’ (Picture: Reuters)

William Hague under fire over ‘stupid woman’ jibe to Labour MP Cathy Jamieson Metro William Hague has come under criticism after appearing to call Labour MP Cathy Jamieson a ‘stupid woman’ during a lively prime minister’s questions. Footage shows the foreign secretary appearing to mouth the words twice after Ms Jamieson questioned the …

Calls for William Hague to apologise for ‘stupid woman’ remark The Guardian William Hague has come under fire after he mouthed the words “stupid woman” at a Labour MP during prime minister’s questions. The foreign secretary’s remarks on Wednesday came after his links with Conservative donors and private companies were called into question by shadow treasury minister Cathy Jamieson. Hague later said that he did not intend any offence.

Jamieson asked David Cameron: “Perhaps the prime minister could tell the House whether [Tullow Oil chief executive] Mr Aidan Heavey‘s donations to the Conservative party had any influence on the foreign secretary’s intervention in his company’s tax dispute?” As the prime minister responded, Hague was seen to mouth “stupid woman” twice.

Tory sexism row as Hague calls Labour MP ‘stupid woman’ The Week UK THE Conservative Party faces more accusations of sexism today after Foreign Secretary William Hague was spotted muttering “stupid woman” at female Labour MP Cathy Jamieson during Prime Minister’s Questions, shortly after David Cameron overlooked …

William Hague accused of sexism after calling Labour MP ‘stupid woman’  Evening Standard  …However, a spokeswoman for Mr Hague said the Foreign Secretary was “neither sexist nor rude”, that he was leading a campaign to eradicate sexual violence against women and had championed women’s rights worldwide. Meanwhile, in a separate gaff Mr Cameron congratulated Andy Murray as the first British tennis player to win Wimbledon in 77 years, despite Virginia Wade’s win in 1977.

Ms Jameson added: “You only need to look at the Tory’s own record on putting women on the front bench to know where William Hague and David Cameron stand.”

Let’s get this straight: Andy Murray is NOT the first Brit to win Wimbledon … MSN UK It’s more than a little worrying that not only our national newspapers, but also our PRIME MINISTER (David Cameron rolled out the “first British player to win Wimbledon for 77 years” line at PMQs on Wednesday) have either erased these facts from their …

David Cameron facing revolt from Tory wives over MPs’ pay David Cameron facing revolt from Tory wives over MPs’ pay. The wives of Conservative MPs could trigger a revolt against David Cameron if he tries to force their husbands to give up an increase in parliamentary salaries.

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