Gender and Politics in the media

NZ: Internal Labour battles after ‘man ban’ episode. Fallout over man ban back down. Gender divide is is ‘cultural’

Labour still pushing for more women MPs MSN NZ News Labour’s national council is vowing to continue pushing for more women MPs despite party leader David Shearer shooting down its “man ban” proposal. The council wanted to restrict some electorates to women candidates only in next year’s election but the …


National MP Jackie Blue.

Shearer running scared over women in the House New Zealand Herald Instead of a women’s-only candidate list, what might be of more use to the poor old Labour Party right now is a nice comforting mummy it can hide behind when that scary National Party poodle Cameron Slater yaps.

How on earth did Labour come out the losers in a debate over gender equality and parliamentary representation? Even recently resigned National MP Jackie Blue went into bat for it, wearing her new hat as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner. This despite Labour criticising her hiring as a job for the girls.

Dr Blue pointed out that over the past five elections there had been virtually no increase in the proportion of women MPs and told TV One’s Breakfast “it’s not acceptable when women make up 51 per cent of the population to be currently only about 32 per cent of MPs in Parliament. We are in a society of equality and while women are under-represented in politics, we do not have equality at all”.

Labour MPs rubbish leadership coup rumours TVNZ The rumours came after the Labour leader yesterday found himself at odds with many in his party after he abandoned the policy aimed at increasing the number of women MPs. Several MPs expressed disappointment at the drama the proposal has caused.

Internal Labour battles after ‘man ban’ episode 3News NZ Labour has dumped plans for its “man ban” – a resolution that would have allowed only women to stand for Parliament in certain electorates. “What I’m saying is that right now we have been distracted from what New Zealanders would want us to go out …

Fallout over man ban back down Newstalk ZB  Labour’s David Shearer may have banned the man ban when it comes to getting more women into Parliament but he can expect the fallout in the debating chamber this afternoon. The Prime Minister’s clearly revelling in Mr Shearer’s …

Greens reckon Labour has been spooked Newstalk ZB The Greens reckon Labour’s been spooked by the right into ditching a move to boost female participation in Parliament. After days of bad publicity and criticism, Labour’s canned a proposal that could have seen electorate seats exclusively set aside for …

Gender divide is is ‘cultural’ We’ve asked our readers to discuss what’s behind gender inequality in New Zealand and how women can break through the glass ceiling. Julie Whitehouse says five key parts of our culture need to change first. A lot of women, like myself, have been told: …

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