UK: Don’t blame women if we ignore what passes for politics. Survey: Cameron ‘has failed NHS’. When is work women’s work?


Dismal sexism: former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has been the target of pornographic ‘witticisms’. Photograph: Stefan Postles/Getty Images


Don’t blame women if we ignore what passes for politics The Guardian …The ESRC study is more preoccupied, however, with the implications for women’s political knowledge of historic, but lingering patterns of male-female behaviour, of their lack of free time, and of inadequate representation in news media in hard news stories.

Of the 10 countries, the UK was typical in having women interviewed or cited in only 30% of television news stories: an unsurprising corollary of their under-representation at the highest level, you might think, but one, the authors theorise, which harms female understanding. “Such under-representation and topical bias may curb women’s motivation to acquire political knowledge actively,” says co-author Kaori Hayashi (not the first person to overestimate the inspirational value of Maria Miller), “and discourage them from political participation, and may even prevent women from engaging as citizens in a democratic society.”

Of course, political knowledge of the status quo, courtesy of adequate media coverage, is not the sole route to citizen engagement. The admirable women-led campaigns against Page 3, lad mags and “pornification” presumably meet the definition of political participation, and indicate that ignorance of George Osborne’s unwise burger choice – whose lavish political coverage has just marked it out as crucial political knowledge – may not be entirely inimical to human purpose.

How can we enhance the visibility of women in UK science? – live chat The Guardian Only 13% of the UK’s science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) workforce are women. It’s not only the underrepresentation of women in these areas that’s causing concern, but the high numbers of women scientists leaving their careers, turning …

When is work women’s work? The Guardian Most feminist efforts are directed at getting women into slots traditionally all-male: voters, directors, heads of colleges and so on. But sometimes it’s the opposite – where removing the mention of women from something can actually amount to a plus …

British couples urged to boycott Maldives as honeymoon destination over sexist … Business Standard British Prime Minister David Cameron is also facing calls to intervene in the case of the rape victim sentenced to 100 lashes in the Maldives. The move comes as new figures showed the appalling state of women’s rights in the Commonwealth country.

“Appalling state of women’s rights” threatens Maldives’ reputation as … Minivan News [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron faces calls to intervene in the case of a 15-year-old female rape victim sentenced to 100 lashes in the Maldives as new figures showed the appalling state of women’s rights in the Commonwealth country, writes Jane …

David Cameron ‘has failed NHS’, survey says The Sun NHS staff last night delivered a damning verdict on David Cameron’s handling of the health service. In a poll of 302 health professionals — including doctors, nurses, surgeons and admin staff — fewer than one in ten said the NHS was safe in the …

MP wants fairer deal for working woman Largs and Millport Weekly News The inquiry has focused on gender equality in the workplace, covering areas such as the gender pay gap, gender stereotyping, and women on boards. The report has called on the Government to do more to address the under-representation of women in …

Absence of women on British banknotes sparks debate Blue & Green Tomorrow Conservative MP Mary Macleod, who is chair of the all-party parliamentary group for women, said it is “completely unrepresentative of the role that women have played and continue to play in our country’s history. “The symbolism of having no women on …

Should more women be on our banknotes? Yahoo! News UK Now a 30,000-strong petition calling for better female representation on banknotes is to be delivered to the Bank of England. Britain’s wartime leader Winston Churchill is seen on a design for a new banknote …

Lib Dems’ Baroness Williams tables ‘opposite sex marriage’ amendment to equal … It states: “marriage between same-sex couples may be defined as same-sex marriage, lawful marriages between same-sex couples may be defined as same-sex marriages, lawful marriage between a man and a woman may be defined as opposite sex marriage and …

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