Gender and Politics in the media

NZ: Compromise proposed on Labour’s “Man Ban”. Quotas may be needed to boost female MPs.

Compromise proposed on Labour’s “Man Ban” National Business Review Labour’s women’s affairs spokeswoman, Sue Moroney has a compromise plan on the “Man Ban” to take to the party’s annual conference in November. Ms Moroney said her proposal would select candidates based on their character, not gender. “It says that …

MALE BASTION: Female MPs make up about 32 per cent of New Zealand’s Parliament. Fairfax NZ

Quotas may be needed to boost female MPs The Dominion Post Despite being 51 per cent of the population, currently women make up on 32 per cent of MPs, and the percentage of women in Parliament has never been higher than 35 per cent. The under-representation of women in politics in New Zealand is chronic.

Women-only electorates not the way to get gender balance Gisborne Herald The recommendation that some electorate seats be reserved for women, scheduled to be presented at Labour’s national conference in November, looks doomed to failure but the issue of gender balance will not disappear. Labour is proposing a rule allowing …

BPW NZ – Yes More Women Leaders In Parliament (press release) “The growth of our country will increase with gender equality and having equal representation of women and men in Parliament will provide a more balanced perspective in the decision making roles,” says Mrs Savage. “Women are part of the solution.”.

MPs snub pro-women seats New Zealand Herald “And if a political party is not going to do anything about changing the gender balance within its own organisation then how do you expect it to do anything about progressing gender balance in society?” The proposal was “not ideal but it’s a good place …

Editorial: Voters will decide value of ‘man ban’ New Zealand Herald Another red-blooded male, MP Shane Jones, said, “Last time I checked it was the blue-collar, tradie, blokey voters we were missing”, implying they will not vote for a woman. He might be right but he is about 30 years too late. It was at least that long …

Chris Ford: The Man Ban, the Labour Party and the New Social Movements – no … Voxy (blog) This week blogger Whale Oil got a scoop from what appeared to be an internal Labour Party source. This source revealed that sections of the Labour Party were promoting a potential women only shortlist idea used in other political parties around the world.

Shearer opposed to electorate ‘man ban’ MSN NZ News Labour leader David Shearer won’t back a party proposal to restrict some electorates to women only candidates in next year’s election. It will go to Labour’s annual conference in November, and could split the party. Labour’s national council is putting …

Laws: Labour’s sexist suicide mission (blog) And if this is the thinking of the Labour Party leadership in Opposition, you can imagine such thinking will spread across the public sector when Labour is returned to government. The prospect of women-only jobs and appointments looms large. An …

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