Gender and Politics in the media

Canada: Why women win elections. US: How did we lose female lawmakers? Women on the right unite to elect more women.

Minority women can flex their policial muscle, but will they? MSNBC In 2012, 96 percent of black women and 3/4 of Latinas voted for President Obama. Vanessa K. Bush from Essence Magazine, Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler, and MSNBC host Alex Wagner …

Gov. Jay Inslee, at podium, is joined by legislative leaders from the House and Senate in June as he announces a budget deal in Olympia. Some say it’s just a coincidence that all the people in the room were male. (RACHEL LA CORTE/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

How did we lose female lawmakers? The leadership shift happened over time as high-profile women left the Legislature. Longtime Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, retired in 2012, as did Democratic state Sen. Margarita Prentice of Renton, who chaired the Senate Ways and …

Women on the right unite to elect more women Statesman Journal Based on last election’s numbers we are 53 percent of the voters, and we need more seats at the table. There are also people, in both parties, who talk about a singular “women’s vote.” You don’t win the—quote—“women’s vote.” We have more than one vote.

Edgy website from two Indianapolis women reveals conservatism’s new look Post-Tribune INDIANAPOLIS — When people swoon over President Barack Obama like he’s a rock star, these women want to hurl. They blast the Democrats, saying they’ve run the country into the ground, spending money the nation doesn’t have. But they’re OK with the …

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without state approval A new report has become public by Inquisitr on Sunday which states that the Center of Investigative Reporting has learned that approximately 150 women who were incarcerated in California were sterilized without California’s approval – between 2006 and …

Activists show feminism alive The Spokesman Review Conservative lawmakers would do well to factor into their calculations the presence of young female voters, Title IX-generation women who were raised to speak up, stand their ground and fight back. They helped drive up Amazon sales on those pink …


Last 30 years bring gains for young working women; for men, not so much Waterloo Record Labour economist Stephen Weir of the United Steelworkers union said the steady decline of Canada’s manufacturing sector likely accounts for at least part of the poor performance among young male workers. “Manufacturing is a male-dominated industry that …

Why women win elections Vancouver Sun (blog) After Premier Christy Clark won the B.C. election on May 14th, I don’t remember any of the shocked pundits talking about the female factor. What happened to the polls that apparently had shown B.C. women were less inclined than men to vote for Clark?

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