Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Bank of England governor to review female representation on bank notes. Clegg needs to as walk the walk on women’s equality.

Sir Winston Churchill will feature on the new £5 note to enter circulation in 2016. BBC.

Mark Carney to review female representation on bank notes BBC News  …Mr Carney said he believed that those chosen should represent the diversity of great British historical figures. He wrote a letter in response to a Conservative MP who is disappointed that the appearance of Sir Winston Churchill on a new £5 note leaves no female characters on the currency. Mr Carney said discussions began on his first day in office on Monday.

Mary Macleod is the Conservative MP for Brentford and Isleworth and chairwoman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Parliament.

Carney to review lack of female banknotes characters ITV News Replying to a letter from Mary Macleod, the Conservative MP and chair of the all-party group of women in Parliament, Mark Carney said he “fully understood the concern that has been raised by you, and many others, about the potential absence of a female …

£200 charge for foreigners to use NHS ‘is xenophobic’, say Diane Abbott Evening Standard David Cameron today hit back at Labour’s Diane Abbott as she claimed plans to charge foreigners hundreds of pounds a year for NHS treatment were “xenophobic”.

The Prime Minister strongly defended the proposed new levy on non-EU students or workers who come to the UK for more than half a year. The fee, likely to be about £200 a year, will be an addition to the visa charge.

Nick needs to talk the talk as well as walk the walk on women’s equality Liberal Democrat Voice …I know that Nick gets it on a lot of the barriers facing women and his support of the work of Jo Swinson and Lynne Featherstone in Government is welcome.  I would like to see him talking about these and other issues more, though. In the same way that Helena Morrissey said in her report that men had to be willing to be active participants in the quest for gender balance, so they need to be more vocal in challenging those things in our culture which harm women.

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